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Most likely, you won't notice any pregnancy symptoms until about the time you've missed a period or a week or two later. Professionals think that pregnancy symptoms come from the hormone hCG, the same hormone that is looked for in pregnancy tests. Your breasts may become more sensitive during the first trimester, similar to how they might feel right before you get your period. You will probably feel tired in the first trimester, but if you're already tired from taking care of other children or busy at work, you may not notice a difference.
Since prenatal care is especially important for a healthy baby, you should see a doctor if you suspect you are pregnant, regardless of symptoms.
If you feel as though you could be pregnant, but have tested negative, it is best to wait a few days and use a different test to test again.
For this reason, women should wait until they expect their period before they take a pregnancy test.
Another reason is that many of the symptoms that a woman experiences while she is pregnant are similar to the ones during her monthly menstrual cycle.
This is not uncommon and very seldom necessitates worry; however, it doesn't mean that you will go throughout the remainder of your pregnancy without symptoms. Don't worry if you've tested positive for pregnancy but have no pregnancy symptoms for the first month. If you have no pregnancy symptoms but have tested positive on a pregnancy test, you are probably pregnant.

However, many woman who drink lots of water and avoid caffeine have no breast tenderness in general and may not experience it in early pregnancy. So, if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms but have tested negative, it is possible that you are beginning your monthly cycle.
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Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. You may not be around smells that bother you or you may not notice you're sensitive to smells, especially if you're very busy. However, if you normally drink a lot of fluids (which you should be doing), you may not notice this symptom, either, since you're already spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Despite what all the television programs, movies, and novels say, many women do not experience morning sickness. If you still have no pregnancy symptoms, you should take another home pregnancy test or contact your care provider. Sharon Orrange, your doctor will likely schedule your first visit at eight to ten weeks of pregnancy. A pregnancy test looks for certain hormones in the body that are only present when a woman is pregnant. Even though a test may not show positive before this time, this doesn’t mean that a woman will not experience pregnancy symptoms.

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If this is different from your regular period and you've had unprotected sex or are trying to get pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test. Or you may be so happy you like a food you previously disliked that you don't question the reason.
Though it's rare, you may have had a false positive on your pregnancy test or you also may have miscarried without realizing it. However, these hormones may not be high enough to trigger a positive pregnancy test early on in a woman’s pregnancy.
This is one of the main reasons that a woman may test negative and still have pregnancy symptoms. According to the March of Dimes, as many as 40 percent of pregnancies result in a miscarriage.

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