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If you have confirmed that you are pregnant, changes in diet and lifestyle are critical during the fourth week. During the fourth week of pregnancy, your body is producing the pregnancy hormone HGC, which can cause anxiety, vomiting, nausea, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness, exhaustion, and mood swings.
Consult with family and friends, and build a support group to help you through the emotional, hormonal, and physical changes your body will be going through. At this point there should be signs, such as missed menstrual periods, hormonal changes, and nausea and vomiting. Your breasts will become increasingly tender and sore, and sometimes you will notice a tingling sensation.
Conception, fertilization, and implantation have all occurred, and now your baby is developing into… well, a baby. Having a strong support system may also benefit your partner, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

The first trimester is underway, and this is a very critical point in your baby’s development.
Some women also find that their sense of smell becomes quite sharp, which can be either good or bad, depending on the smell.
Now called an embryo, your baby consists of two layers, called the epiblast and the hypoblast.
This could help your partner understand what you’re going through, and let them know what to expect. Fetuses are at high risk for abnormalities during this stage, as the baby’s brain, heart, head, spinal cord, bones, muscles, tissues, and teeth are all developing. If you’ve been taking in toxins such as alcohol, it’s very important to stop those habits to increase your baby’s chances of remaining healthy.
Pregnancy during the first trimester can sometimes feel like an ordeal that will never end.

But try not to stress about that; your symptoms will subside soon enough — just as other symptoms kick in.
The yolk sac produces the blood and helps nourish the embryo until the placenta takes over. Your baby’s vascular network is growing and helping to transport blood, oxygen, and nutrients from mother to baby by way of the umbilical cord.

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