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I was just reading these stories yesterday and feeling sad because I thought I would never get to post mine! What I did differently this month was NOT stress about ovulation, no opk's, no temping, just good ol straight up BD'ing when I noticed my fertile signs. Also at 7dpo I had unusual pains in my ovary area on the side I ovulated from and uterus, which was out of the norm for me.
10dpo super emotional over the silliest things, cried over something that normally wouldn't phase me, more waves of cramps, feeling irritable and moody, decided to test, and not one, but 2 BFP's!! I figure implantation must have happened at 7dpo when I had the unusual cramps in my ovary area and uterus because after that every other symptom kind of came on suddenly.

Like you I thought I was pregnant a couple of times but only to be disappointed terribly so I just decided to stop!!
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I took a clearblue pretty much on a whim and when I had a faint line I didn't believe it because blue dyes have been notorious for false positives. I suspected that it was a good possibility when I got the runny nose and the AF like cramps. So much easier said than done I know, but I spent month after month with the opk's and the temping and the obsessing and stressing myself out over it and it was all for nothing.

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Of course it's only in hindsight that you can truly know what the symptoms mean, but I did feel like I had a gut feeling, I just ignored it because I was so tired of thinking I was pregnant only to be let down every month.
I watched it develop thinking I'd be staring at yet another stark white test but much to my surprise a nice pink line popped up right away and there was no denying it!

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