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Pineapple is a nutrient-rich fruit that is low in saturated fat and contains fiber that can help to ease constipation, a common complaint during pregnancy.
Chia seeds are loaded with minerals like blood building iron, stress relieving magnesium and bone building calcium along with your with Omega’s 3s. Maca Powder should be your best friend when you are trying for a baby as it will increase your energy and balance your hormones and its known to boost fertility levels!
Finally, I have topped this smoothie with walnuts are they high in anti-oxidants and rich in omega 3’s.
So…regardless if you’re trying for a baby or not, this is a delicious treat of a smoothie that’s great for breakfast, lunch or a mid- afternoon snack.
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The pregnancy tea blend created by Lleaon Rao, Herbalist and author of Bump to Birth, does just that!
Tones the muscles used during labor and delivery and eliminates many of the reasons for a painful delivery and prolonged recovery.
Studies show that women that consume Red Raspberry Leaf have a reduced incidence of artificial rupture of membranes, forceps delivery or cesarean. A superb source of vitamin K and increases available hemoglobin, both of which decrease the likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage and slows postpartum bleeding. If you want to learn hundreds of holistic remedies to common pregnancy ailments, I highly recommend Bump To Birth. Learn the exciting health benefits of infrared sauna therapy based on clinical studies and the latest research! If anyone has concerns, please consult with your own doctor, mid-wife or qualified herbalist. I also want to add that I have an herbal remedy book that advises against drinking Red Raspberry Leaf prior to third trimester. I literally just found out I’m expecting my first (shh, secret!) and jumped on buying all of this. Alison, I don’t know, but I’m hoping some readers can chime in with some answers! Napiers sell Raspberry leaf and Nettle, you can get them on amazon uk, not sure about the others. I am 34 weeks, do you think drinking the tea starting now would be beneficial even tho I haven’t the rest of the pregnancy?
Pregnancy Tea, a mixture of nourishing herbs that are packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Pregnancy tea recipes typically rely on two herbs: nettle which serves as a good general tonic and red raspberry leaf which has been used in herbal medicine for pregnancy and birth for many mothers of many generations. Overnight infusions, in which herbs are steeped for hours as opposed to a few minutes, do just that.
Red Raspberry Leaf boasts a celebrated place in traditional and folk medicine for its use as an herb for women, and, specifically, during pregnancy. A study undertakenA in Australia seems to support this idea; moreover, women who consumed red raspberry leaf tea during their pregnancy were less likely to receive interventions like C-sections, forceps or vacuum-extraction births than women who did not consume the tea (source). Another study found that women who consumed red raspberry leaf during pregnancy were less likely to have forceps-assisted birth; moreover,A it seemed to shorten the amount of time they spent pushing by ten minutes (source).
The use of red raspberry leaf in early pregnancy is debated among herbalists, with some recommending it and others not. Nettle leaf is a tonic herb thought to strengthen and tone the entire system, and is particularly useful as a to support fertility in both men and women (source). Nettle is particularly rich in micronutrients like carotene, vitamin C, manganese, iron, calcium, zinc and chromium. In addition to nettle tea, you can use fresh nettles (be wary of their sting) in your cooking and reap their benefits there, as well.
Oat straw was traditionally used in Europe as a tonic for health, beauty, and emotional resilience.

Calcium tones the muscles and the cardiovascular system, and improving circulation both in the mother’s body and, naturally, to her baby as well (read more here). Alfalfa hay is also given to livestock to help them produce abundant milk, and is thought to convey the same benefits to human mothers as well. This smoothie was created for my Fertile Woman program along with my brand new program Pregnant Woman which is launching late February, 2015.
If you’re trying to get pregnant, try eating pineapple during the week after ovulation because it contains bromelain, which thickens the uterine lining to help egg implantation. Some studies have shown that Chia seed enriched diets may improve insulin resistance and normalize blood lipids. They are an excellent source of the healthy fats, protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin E. Lisa’s journey to fall pregnant inspired her to give up her PR career and enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC), where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. For security reasons (specially on shared computers), proceed to Google and sign out from your Google account. If so, you’ll definitely want to bookmark or pin this happy pregnancy tea recipe from the brand new ebook, Bump to Birth! Certain herbs can strengthen you physically, ease your pregnancy discomforts and prepare your body for birth. Lleaon created this special pregnancy tea recipe to help soon-to-be mama’s have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Nettle’s mild astringency and general nourishing action tightens and strengthens blood vessels, helps maintain arterial elasticity and improves venous resilience.
This is a fabulous resource for all the soon-to-be mama’s out there that want a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth!
I wish you all the best through pregnancy and birth ?? If you have any advice or natural remedies to give to other pregnant mama’s, leave a comment below! Plus read my surprising results from using an infrared sauna including eliminating my chronic pain! I’ve seen no definitive or conclusive studies suggesting not to drink it throughout pregnancy. I would never want to recommend something that I think would be harmful and think it’s very important for people to do their own research and to ask questions!
When I was a kid I got leg cramps all the time so my doc gave me calcium pills and they didn’t do anything for them.
I did add some peppermint leaves as well, as I don’t care for the taste of oatstraw or nettles.
A Some herbs, like nettle and alfalfa, are good well-rounded herbs thatA general wellness, and others, like red raspberry leaf, are particularly valuable for pregnant women. A More than anything, I wanted to nourish myself and strengthen my body for the rigors of bearing another child, particularly since there’s a span of nearly eleven years between my first pregnancy and this one. A Beyond these two, other herbs that are safe for pregnancy lend benefit, too: mineral-rich oatstrawA and alfalfa, rosehips for their vitamin C and others. A The extended time allows the water to extract more nutrients from the herbs than a short steeping, as a result this pregnancy tea is fuller and stronger in flavor, and more nutrient-dense than a tea might by light steeping. A Herbalists note that red raspberry leaf acts as a uterine tonic,A and it is used in folk medicine to not only prepare the body for birth, but to shorten labors. A In traditional herbal medicine,A nettles are thought to ease leg cramps, and possibly ease the pain of childbirth (source). A As the mother passes anything she consumes to her baby both during pregnancy and breastfeeding, nettle will not only nourish her body, but also her growing baby. A In springtime when young, wild nettles are plentiful, I make Nettle Omelets and Nettle Soup (recipe in my first cookbook).
Magnesium then, by contrast, helps those muscles to relax, easing cramps, restless legs, as well as improving sleep.
A In folk medicine, alfalfa is used to support thyroid health (source) and it’s thought to ease morning sickness.

A This pregnancy tea tends to be inky and dark, owing both to the heavy use of leafy green herbs like nettle, alfalfa and raspberry leaf. A In traditional, folk medicine, lemon balm is used for nervousness, digestive upset, and headaches (source).
A Rosehips are rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C, and it’s that vitamin C that works synergistically with iron to help your body better absorb that mineral.
Smoothies are easy to digest, will increase your energy, stabilize your blood sugar levels and give you an instant burst of all the nutrients you need to nourish yourself and your baby!
Lisa Lane Wellness runs online nutrition programs including the very popular Fertile Woman, Pregnant Woman and 21 Day Clean Up Your Diet, additionally Lisa offers one on one coaching programs. This book teaches you how to properly nourish both Mom and baby in this exciting time of life.
I know many women who have drank it all throughout pregnancy and there are also many midwives and herbalists that also recommend to drink it throughout the entire pregnancy. I like to drink it as an unsweetened iced tea (or maybe with a tad bit of honey), and it’s good with chia seeds soaked in it as well! A I reached out to a team of local midwives, and in addition to mindful eating during pregnancy, they recommended drinking an infusion of red raspberry, nettle and a few other herbs daily during my pregnancy. A They each convey deep nourishment not only in the form of vitamins and minerals, but also in other active compounds. A But when you’re after real and concrete nutrition from those herbs, you want to extract as much goodness from them as you can. A Those of you who garden or who can forage might be able to source most of these herbs from your own backyard, dry them yourselves and make tea.
Renowned herbalist, Susun Weed, notes that red raspberry leaf acts to tone the uterus so that, during labor, contractions work more effectively, making birth easier and faster (source).
A Calcium and magnesium work together in the body, with calcium stimulating muscles to contract and magnesium relaxing them.
A Alfalfa, like nettle and red raspberry leaf and other green leafs, is also rich in vitamin K which supports healthy circulation and proper blood clotting. A Both lemon balm and rose hips, bright in flavor, aromatic and astringent, lighten the tea in a pleasant way. A Similarly, rose buds bring pleasant floralA notes and a lovely feminine energy to the tea.
Avocados are very high in folic acid,  essential for the healthy development of the fetus in early pregnancy, in particular their neural tube. Lleaon, who is a qualified herbalist and the creator of this recipe, suggests 1 cup a day in 1st trimester and to increase consumption per trimester (as noted in the article). In this way, it’s thought by herbalists and midwives that oatstraw can be particularly valuable for pregnant women.
Low vitamin K levels is linked with bleeding and hemorrhage which may be why many midwives recommend optimizing your vitamin K levels during pregnancy, particularly in the weeks leading up to childbirth, with the primary recommendation beeing diet as well as herbs like alfalfa (read more here).
It is therefore a better choice for you when you're pregnant, as it will provide you with protein and yet not leave you feeling uncomfortable after you have eaten. This dal is a slightly dry preparation and if you want to have it with rice, you may need to add a little more water to "thin" it down.
It was my hope that by asking that question, a little more light could be shed on the topic. Set a wide-mouth funnel (find one here) into the lip of a jar and spoon the mixed herbs into the jar. Bring about a quart of water to a boil, and then spoon a heaping quarter-cup (about ¼ ounce) of your mixed herbs into a quart-sized jar.

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