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A pregnancy rash should be reported to a doctor as rashes could indicate a more dangerous condition for both mom and baby. A pregnant woman may find herself feeling warmer as she gets further into her pregnancy, especially during the summer months.
Melasma, also called the "mask" of pregnancy, is another rash-like condition where splotchy dark patches appear on her face.
PUPPP (or PUPPS) is technically called pruritic uticarial papules and plagues of pregnancy. Although the exact cause of this rash is not known, researchers have been looking into the theory that escaping cells from the fetus irritate the mother and cause the rash. While PUPPP rash may be one of the most commonly known pregnancy rashes, there are others out there. Cholestasis of pregnancy is a liver condition during pregnancy that can cause intense itching for the mother, which may result in a rash.
Women suffering from cholestasis of pregnancy may find comfort by joining the Itchy Moms Support Group online. There is a constant continuous effort that is being made in-order to improve the possible Asthma treatments.
It is a fact worth mentioning that Asthma is considered to be an incurable disease till date. There are a wide section of Asthma patients who are known to have engaged in alternative forms of Asthmatic treatments.
There are a number of available herbs that can prove to be vital in the field of Asthma treatment.
Licorice is considered to be another effective herb that is known to soothe the swollen breathing pathways. It is necessary to use lobelia on an occasional basis so as to achieve the desired results. Most of the herbal practitioners recommend Garlic as the cheapest yet effective type of Asthma medication that is available.

Most researchers are of the view that herbs are as strong form of medicinal treatment as are pharmaceutical drugs.
It needs to be borne in mind that herbal therapy for treating asthma is never considered to be a complete replacement.
Heat rash and friction rash are common conditions that cause discomfort during pregnancies. Linea nigra, a line from the belly button going down into the pubic region, may also look like a rash at first. If you have the rash in one pregnancy, it does not raise your chances of having it in another. While most are simply uncomfortable for the mom-to-be, there are several rashes that can cause complications for the developing baby, both in utero and after birth.
Although called herpes, it is not related to the disease; instead, it appears to be an autoimmune disorder that causes an itchy rash which becomes blistering lesions.
She will have irritated skin until delivery, at which point the condition usually subsides.
From calamine lotion to hydrocortisone creams to antihistamines, your doctor will recommend the best drug for your particular condition and symptoms.
There, they can learn more about the condition and discuss remedies and fears with other women who have been diagnosed with the problem. Researchers are taking every possible measure necessary to improve treatment facilities in the field of Asthma. Though there are a number of asthmatic treatment facilities that are available in modern days yet few are considered to be effective.
Herbs are considered to be an alternative form of Asthma treatment that can possibly replace the modern drug medication therapy. Chinese Skullcap is considered to be helpful in minimizing the allergy that is responsible for causing Asthma. Licorice helps to minimize the negative effects that are mostly associated with the intake of cortisone medicines.

Lobelia herb is considered to be extremely powerful and is an effective means to relax one’s bronchial muscle.
Herbal therapy is basically a means of complementing the pharmaceutical drugs and should never be used as a sole existing means of treatment. She may become more sensitive to detergents and her stomach may itch due to the rapid belly expansions needed to accommodate a growing baby. It commonly begins in the abdomen and gradually travels to the back, butt, and extremities. The rash and itching will subside and disappear after the birth of the baby, usually within a few weeks.
Merck cites that approximately 25 percent of women with the problem will be subject to reoccurrence and 10 percent of fetuses will be affected (have the rash or lesions). Even commonly used OTC drugs can have adverse side effects for a developing baby, so be sure to check with your physician before using anything. Chinese Skullcap is effective for the treatment of Asthma as it is known to contain antihistamine content. The chemical content of Garlic helps to improve blood circulation and minimizes chances of inflammation to a great extent.
The most common type of process used for processing the Asthma herbs is known as deduction.
Fatty acid which is necessary for the bulk production of prostaglandins is present in primrose oil in sufficient quantities.
Often, relief is given in the form of topical anti-itch creams, like cortisones, and antihistamines. For these reasons, an induced labor may be the best course of action in order to prevent an unfavorable outcome.

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