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Classes are limited to no more than 10 people so that the teacher can ensure everyone is working safely and correctly.
If you are new to Pilates you will need to start with our 4 week beginner course or arrange a private lesson to learn the basics. To book one of our beginner courses please log in to our online booking and payment system. Please see our description of the class levels and our timetable.Back to TopReformerThis large interesting piece of equipment is often described upon first glance as a ‘torture bed’!
This resistance machine was invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s after he was inspired by the use of hospital bed springs to rehabilitate soldiers during the First World War.Today the STOTT Pilates™ Reformer remains a bed-like frame but with a flat platform, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels.
The carriage is attached to one end by a set of springs which provide differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame with your feet against the footbar.The reformer also has ropes with handles that can be pulled by your legs or arms to move the carriage. Hundreds of exercises can be performed on the reformer which is basically similar to a whole set of resistance machines you’ll find at the gym, but in one sleek piece of equipment.One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility as exercises can be done lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing, and even upside down, while targeting every muscle  in the body separately .
With the new Cardio-Tramp addition you can even jump, like on a trampoline, while lying on your back, adding some cardio-vascular and plyometric exercise to your routine.Reformer Pilates has the ability to challenge the most athletic and fit while providing a sophisticated yet appropriate set of exercises to anyone in need of rehabilitation after surgery, illness or injury. Some people prefer Reformer Pilates to Matwork because of how easily your mind and body connects to the exercises with the use of the resistant ropes and springs. Classes are limited to no more than 5 people (on 5 machines) so that the teacher can ensure everyone is working safely and correctly.If you have never taken a Reformer Pilates class before you must first have a private introductory lesson before joining a group class. To request an appointment for your Private Intro Lesson please log in to our online booking and payment system or give us a call.

Barre Plus will challenge your strength and flexibility while testing your coordination, core strength and balance.
It will help teach them mind-body awareness and can help a number of problems that teenagers may be struggling with such as, weight management, flexibility, coordination, balance, spinal health, personal body image, concentration, self-esteem, joint mobility and growing pains.
This elasticity makes the pelvis vulnerable, and therefore it is important to strengthen and stabilise this area with correct and safe exercise. Exercising the pelvic floor muscle is also very important during pregnancy, in order to counteract incontinence and help the birthing process. Generally, taking regular Pilates is a great way to feel good and to relieve any aches and pains, particularly in the lower back area, during this very special time of a woman’s life.Classes are limited to no more than 8 people so that the teacher can ensure everyone is working safely and correctly. These problems need specialist exercises to help carefully re-engage important muscles such as the deep abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor.
These exercise techniques need to be taught and understood well to give your body the best chance of recovery and success when moving onto further more strenuous exercise. These friendly one-to-one sessions are also designed to generally help women reconnect their mind and body after childbirth. It is advised that you wait until after your 6 week check before starting any kind of exercise. You will need the ‘all clear’ from your doctor or physiotherapist if you are experiencing any post-natal problems or if delivery was by C-section.

Your baby is more than welcome to come with you to these private sessions.However women experiencing the usual post-natal problems, such as a slightly weak pelvic floor and weak abdominals, may benefit from just one private lesson before being ready to join one of our regular Beginner Matwork Courses. The fundamentals of Pilates exercise is all about learning to engage your core with the use of good breathing techniques and pelvic floor engagement which is all thoroughly taught in our Beginner Matwork Course.
Completing this 4 week course will give your body the best chance of returning back to its original shape.
Once this course is completed and you are feeling confident that your mind and body understands the necessary exercise techniques you will be able to progress onto more challenging work which will help you tone up those keys areas such as the abdominal muscles, bottom, arms and legs. If you have a chronic condition, a health problem or have recently undergone surgery you must have been given the ‘all clear’ by your doctor before starting Pilates.
If you are a new client and have practised Reformer Pilates at another studio please give us a call so we can be sure you meet the prerequisite required to join our Forever Young group class.
It is often anxiety caused by the trauma of an accident, injury or chronic pain, that can hinder someone’s progress.

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