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Megan & Liz take a break from their promo tour to talk with Tommy2 about their new single and first headlining tour. In addition to their afternoon show this Sunday in Orlando, FL, Honor Society is hoping to do crash XL 106.7’s Red Hot and Boom featuring Allstar Weekend, Cody Simpson, Hot Chelle Rae and more!
While there hasn’t been much for news regarding BG5 lately, the group just posted some new photos to their Facebook account. Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the development of The Black Eyed Peas® Experience video game, the second game in the multi-million selling ?Experience? franchise. Former Cheetah Girls and best friends Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan are launching their talk show Dinner with Friends online today!
Last night the Here Comes Trouble Tour featuring Ashlyne Huff, Just Kait, and Honor Society paid a visit to the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Ashlyne Huff kicked off the show with her pop-rock inspired tracks from her soon to be released self-titled EP. Next, Just Kait took to the stage and the show felt a lot like her vanilla flavored moniker. After a short set change, Honor Society took to the dark stage as their entrance music played.
C21Media is reporting the ITV Studios Global Entertainment has closed a deal with TF1 of France to present TV movies including Lifetime’s blockbuster, The Pregnancy Pact and other titles from the Hallmark Hall of Fame. Today, Hilary Duff will be a guest on Live with Regis and Kelly and the Backstreet Boys will be on The Bonnie Hunt Show.
At noon, Honor Society will be singing the National Anthem at Target Field as the MN Twins take on the Boston Red Sox.
Yesterday Alyson and Amanda Michalka of 78violet took part in a photo shoot of Nylon Magazine’s annual Young Hollywood Issue (May). Last Wednesday, the Jonas Brothers won the following awareds at the 2010 NME Awards in London – Worst Band and Word Album. The complete first season of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which airs on Nicktoons in the US, will be released on May 4th.
A blogger (Thora Birch) investigates a rash of teen pregnancies at her old high school, and rumors swirl about a pact between the girls.
Get all of the details on their new album, how the tour is going, their new sound and more!

Yesterday Greyson Chance premiered his new music video for Unfriend You starring Ariana Grande (who thought it was a good idea to debut it online at midnight PST). The new dance game will feature fun dance moves as well as hit songs from The Black Eyed Peas multi-platinum selling albums.
As a whole, the show was fun and gave the 100+ fans a chance to see Honor Society up close as well as hear new music from two newcomers.
Her set opened with the anthemic song, Soapboxer and led into another strong number, Make It Rain. Her set featured many of her tracks, amped up with aggressive guitar and a heavy thumping double-kick. As the lights came up they played a quick rock flavored riff before heading into Rock With You. Their performance will be featured during the pregame special on FSNorth that starts at 11:30am.
Before you get too upset, keep in mind they were alongside Paramore in the Worst Band category and U2 in Words Album.
Although the already released volume 1 set was also released on Blu-ray, there is no currently no release set for a Blu-ray release of volume 2 or the complete season. The group has hinted they might be giving a sneak peak during the chat of some new covers they’ve been learning.
Meanwhile, the school nurse (Camryn Manheim) fights with the administration to give out contraception to students.
Unfortunately her drummer Jerry took a more sterile approach to the beat than the one found on her upcoming release. Musically her performance was adequate, but you couldn’t help but wonder is she was 100%. For fans, this was definitely a plus as this song wasn’t played on their previous tour.
To add to my concerns, at this time Honor Society has no plans to return to the studio and when asked about it Michael Bruno deflected the question by saying that Maroon 5’s album, Songs About Jane was out for two years before they had a break. The channel is available via cable in MN, and nationwide on DirecTV (channel 668) and Dish Network 436).
After the two upbeat tracks, Ashlyne slowed it down a little bit with Heartbeat before the highlight of her set, Sweet Nothing.

Keep in mind, that was in 2002 – the economics of the industry have changed radically in eight years.
Then again atleast they weren’t associated with one of the worst teen movie releases in history. Not a chance, you know that award is saved for the Teen Choice Awards, where celebrities pretend to thank the fans in a completely stage show. Everything just came together with this radio friendly sounding track featuring some of Ashlyne’s best lyrics. Not until the final minute did Kait step away from the microphone stand, and that was hop on the drums during the trash can finale at the end of her set. The fancy fretwork and slapping by Andrew on his Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones 5 string bass added a whole new dimension to the groups sound.
I’m not saying Honor Society is over, but it might be wise to see them if you have the chance. Following the song she promoted the new NOW 33 compilation featuring her debut single, Heart Of Gold… but instead of going right into the track she performed two snippets from other artists first which proved to be a clever way to promote the CD.
As the song ended, they once again chopped through another rock riff into the crowd favorite, See U In The Dark… although it was interesting to see there was no reference of the Honor Roll. The set kept moving with her upbeat songs Comeback and Trippin’ It Up, which featured some fun choreography with her backup singer Ely. Following the track, Jason added some soft synth to accompany Michael’s dialogue before the group kicked into gear with Hear Comes Trouble.
Once again the musicianship and tightness of the group shined on this track and the next track, Two Rebels.
During the latter, several changes were noticeable, including variations with the keyboards, bass, in addition to the bridge being extended. At the end of the song Alex and Andrew exited the stage, while Michael and Jason played a few of their favorite songs over the last year.

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