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No matter what age you are, most people would wish for a child to continue their genetic line or to uphold their family legacy. If you are still young, say 25 or 30 or 35 years old, but have not found the right partner to have a baby with, you can preserve your fertility to enable you to withstand pregnancy over 40. Athelstan Eades has been writing product reviews on a huge range of topics for many years now.
I got pregnant 2 out of 4 tries at age 44 using “normal” intrauterine insemination (IUI) with my own eggs and donor sperm. The older a woman is when she gives birth, the lower her risk for endometrial cancer, a new study reports. The reasons for the finding, published last week in The American Journal of Epidemiology, are unclear.
They know very well that the mere presence of a child far outweighs the costs of taking care of the child.
Surviving pregnancy over 40 does take courage and patience because there are more odds to fight against. To be in great shape and lessen the risks that usually accompanies pregnancies over 40, start getting a healthy lifestyle.
At this age, there is a high risk of miscarriages due to lethal birth defects or genetic abnormalities.
Many women who read my story have written asking why I choose IUI over in vitro fertilization (IVF). After all of my test checked out, including clomid challenge for ovarian reserve, we moved forward with IUI.

Wendy Setiawan, an assistant professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California, pooled data from 17 studies that included 8,671 cases of endometrial cancer and 16,562 controls. By age 70, these women were still 33 percent less likely to have endometrial cancer than those who gave birth before age 25. It may be that women who can get pregnant at a later age have a healthier endometrium to begin with, or that pregnancy allows women to shed precancerous cells likelier to be present with increasing age. Thus, many women still find themselves yearning for a child at 40 years of age or have already become pregnant at such an age.
Although, it can take more time and more preparation because the success rate of fertility treatment becomes lower after 35 years of age. However, due to vigilance and perhaps a healthy constitution, those who have taken such risks have been blessed with healthy children.
Down syndrome is also one of the genetic anomalies for babies conceived by mothers over 40 years of age.
There are so many products out there that claim to cure infertility but do they actually work. Because the question has come up so many times, I decided to do some research to understand why doctors recommend one or the other. After adjusting for known risks, the researchers found that women who had their last babies after age 40 had a 44 percent reduced risk of endometrial cancer, compared with women who had their babies before age 25. Hence, if you are trying to conceive over this age, you might want to have a thorough medical exam first.
All would-be mothers who are planning or expecting pregnancy over 40 should know the risks and plan such pregnancies with their eyes wide open.

Take a look at some of Athelstan’s articles on pregnancy over 40 and male infertility treatment to find out more. This seemed reasonable to me because IUI was much less invasive and much less expensive than IVF.
It is important to check your cholesterol level, blood pressure, blood sugar level as the first step of determining your health. Given the seriousness of these health issues, women who are pregnant over the age 40 should have begun and continued to follow their health regimens religiously to preserve not only their health, but also the health of their babies.
Given that my tubes weren’t blocked and we knew that I was producing eggs, it seemed like the best first choice. Folic acid and iron are extremely important supplements, even for women who are not planning on getting pregnant. I have since learned that many doctors recommend IVF from the beginning rather than trying IUI. The dietary recommendation is at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and 40 milligrams of iron. Without doing any research, my immediate reaction was that it is because the doctors make more money off of IVF.
At the end of the day, you have to understand the options, be well educated and confident in voicing your opinions, and work with your doctor to move forward with the strategy that works best for your situation.

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