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It is nearly impossible to detect a feline pregnancy with the naked eye for the first three weeks. Ultrasound - According to Web MD, an experienced technician can perform an ultrasound to detect kittens as early as 15 days into the pregnancy. Palpation - Once the cat is 20 days pregnant, an experienced veterinarian can gently palpitate the queen's stomach to detect the presence of kittens. Feline pregnancy test - Once the feline is 20 days pregnant, a pregnancy test called Witness® Relaxin can accurately determine whether or not a cat is pregnant. X-rays - Although the use of X-rays should be avoided during the first 43 days a cat's pregnancy, they can be taken after that time to make certain a cat is not experiencing a false pregnancy or to find out how many kittens the cat is carrying. If a cat was healthy before pregnancy, it shouldn't be difficult to keep her in good health through delivery.
There is no need to limit a cat's normal activity during pregnancy.Cats are fairly good at determining what they can and can't do as a pregnancy progresses, and they should get normal exercise during this time to maintain muscle tone and good health. Providing proper nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your cat and her kittens. During the last three to four weeks and while nursing, a pregnant cat should eat about two to four times her normal amount of food. Do not let your pet outside close to her due date, or she may have the kittens outside in a hidden and unsafe location. Charlestown Veterinary Clinic suggests that owners monitor the queen's body temperature twice a day as the cat's due date arrives. Stage one - During the first stage of labor, the cat becomes restless and seeks a quiet, comfortable place to have her kittens.
The cat will go through stages two and three, and then return to stage two to deliver the next kitten. Pregnancies and deliveries often don't go as expected, so be prepared to face changes as they come.
Hi Michelle,If you listen closely, the kitten in the video was mewling a little, so it was getting air. Your pregnant female will naturally want to sleep more, and they couldn’t care less about any male cats!
Approximately two weeks before your cat gives birth, put a box in a location that your cat can visit frequently.
Sexual maturity in the female cat begins at about aged 7-12 months (males are sexually mature about 1-2 months later in life). A non-altered female has repeated heat (oestrous or estrous or in fact estrus) cycles for a part of the year and for the remainder of the year she is sexually inactive. The reason why the process is seasonal is because daylight affects the production of pituitary gland hormones. This entry was posted in Cat Behavior, pregnancy and tagged cat pregnancy by Michael Broad. Your comment, i do believe to be rather inappropriate, unless it has been used for educational purposes. I have an 11 month old cat and jazabell is always loving and all but shes sleeping more and iw as rubbing her belly and felt 2 nipples sticking out when I try to look at her belly shes very moody on it.
I’m hedging my bets because I do not know whether your cat is pregnant or not from the description that you provide.
My cat is nearing the end of her pregnancy, she has a few days left, and she’s starting to sneeze a lot.
Tricky question for me but I believe that if this is a simple URI (viral infection) there should be no problem but if the URI is a symptom of a more serious underlying disease such as FIV which seems highly unlikely then those serious diseases can affect the embryo (cause fetal loss).
It sounds like at the time birth approaches when the breasts enlarge and a milky fluid may come from the nipples which has dried.
Hi my cat is in season and got out today I see her with a male cat and he mounted her she let out a yell before I managed to scare him off she then rolled about as if she was flirting with him so he tried to mount her again does this mean he didn’t ejaculate the 1st time of was he just trying to do it again ? Cat pregnancy signs can be difficult to spot since felines can be such secretive creatures.

About three weeks into the pregnancy, a cat's nipples become a deeper shade of pink and may also begin to enlarge a bit.
Many cat caretakers notice that their female is suddenly much more affectionate than usual. Just past the mid-point of the pregnancy, you'll notice the cat suddenly begins to look much fuller than before. Later on as delivery time nears, the cat may also begin nesting in out-of-the-way locations such as the back of a closet, beneath a bed or even in your laundry basket. Caring for a pregnant cat is not difficult, but there are a few things you should know to ensure good health for the mother and kittens. However, there are some signs to watch for, and your vet has other ways to determine whether or not your cat is truly pregnant. This is usually the earliest sign that any cat will show, and the kittens will be born approximately six weeks after this occurs. Extreme care should be used with this method since miscarriage can result if the palpation is done improperly. Many breeders recommend mixing kitten food into her normal food at this point and continue offering this diet until she finishes nursing. About 24 hours before labor will begin, the cat's temperature may drop to 98 or 99 degrees.
She will exhibit specific symptoms, such as refusing to eat, panting and crying, nesting activity and licking her vulva. For this reason, a female should be kept indoors during pregnancy for her safety and to prevent additional pregnancies. The information presented in this article is not meant to replace professional veterinary care. If she manages to get out, it might be useful that your feline is wearing a collar and cat tag (but collars can be dangerous). When you come to the end of the nursing period, her food consumption may exceed twice her pre-pregnancy amount. Groom her quite regularly and if she doesn’t mind it clean her bottom with a damp cloth that is soft. We have witnessed our cats giving birth three times already and each is a miracle in itself. And you might like to see what led up to the pregnancy: see cats mating (warning over 16 year olds only please). Is there anywhere I can see a picture of pregnant cat nipple and a not pregnant cat nipple?
The pregnant cats nipples do change during pregnancy, they become larger to accommodate the milk for the kittens to suck from and get the required amount of milk. If you leave a long comment in response to this one, I’ll turn it into an article (a post) and if you want a link to a website, just tell me. She’s 8 month old, got pregnant on accident and had an URI when we got her at 4 months. In fact, many pet owners don't even realize their cat was pregnant until they wake up one morning to the sound of kittens mewling.
Often, the earliest clue that a cat could be pregnant is that the cycles suddenly come to a halt; no more yowling, the cat displays a relaxed demeanor and less desire to escape outside.
The abdomen begins to feel firmer, and the hair begins to shed more in preparation for nursing. Supplements can throw nutrition out of balance and hurt more than they help, so only use supplements under veterinary supervision. As the kittens grow and take up space inside her body, the cat will eat smaller, more frequent meals. It is also good to have several boxes set up around the house in quiet locations so your cat can choose the one she prefers. Clumping litter will stick to the kittens, and your cat may not clean them off after birth if this happens.

Other signs she has entered this second stage include visible contractions and kittens being delivered.
If more than four hours pass between kittens being born and you feel she is still carrying one or more kittens, seek veterinary assistance immediately. Her first heat usually occurs at five to six months of age, but it may not occur until she is one year old. Let your vet be your partner throughout the process to make sure your cat receives everything she needs to have a healthy and successful pregnancy and delivery. Each birth is different, but most cats will give their babies a thorough bathing during those first few minutes.It can be kind of nerve-wracking watching your cat deliver that first litter, but instinct usually takes over and everything goes fine.
If your cat is used to being outside, she will want to spend more time in the house during the gestation period. All you have to do is stay by her side during the birthing process to monitor what happens. I know this from owning and breeding cats of myself, if you require more information please comment again… thank you.
Realizing your cat is pregnant allows you to make sure she receives the best nutrition to maintain her own health and that of her growing kittens. However, the change is very noticeable on cats with extremely short fur and hairless cats like the Sphinx. A pregnant cat often begins sleeping with her people, following them as they move about the house and vocalizing a bit more to attract their attention.
However, her appetite is likely to return shortly with a vengeance as her nutritional needs go into overdrive. If there was still any doubt whether or not the cat is pregnant, this behavioral sign is usually a strong indicator of kittens on the way.
Free feeding works well, and if you cannot free feed, the cat will need the opportunity to eat several times a day. Whenever possible, worming should be carried out before a breeding takes place because these parasites can be quite harmful to the mother and can also be passed to the kittens. Cleaning the kittens immediately after they are born clears the air passageways and stimulates breathing, so this is necessary for their survival. If your cat's labor has not progressed within 24 hours, take her to a veterinarian immediately. Chances are good that you won't have to intervene at all.That said, it's fine to go ahead and wipe the newborn's face with a softcloth to remove some of the thick amniotic fluid if mom is working on another area. Therefore, you should make sure that your pregnant queen stays as healthy as possible through the gestation periods. This should be given to your female during the entire pregnancy and while she is nursing her little ones. If you feel inclined perhaps you might come back and comment again if and when there are more clear signs that she is pregnant. Domestication has obliterated the natural breeding cycle, so they can go into heat any time of year.
After approximately three weeks, they become pink (see the picture below, which is very illustrative of this cat pregnancy symptom).
It is usually performed at about six months although now the procedure is being done on younger kittens.
However, don’t be surprised if at the last moment she disappears under your bed or gets into your wardrobe! This will not only stop your cat from getting pregnant, but there will be no more annoying heat cycles that you will have to go through!
As for the cat’s nipples they become pink and obvious by 35 days and at the same time the size of her belly is increasing.

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