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Egg-freezing has of late been promoted to women as a means of deferring pregnancy, with high-profile companies such as Google and Apple promising their employees egg-freezing privileges. If you are the boyfriend who has just learned you might be a Dad earlier than you’d planned, we can help.
Providing support and encouragement to your friend who is facing an unplanned pregnancy is very important. Seventy-five percent of in-vitro fertilization attempts fail, 88 percent to 98 percent of eggs are not viable after being frozen, and a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that recipients of frozen eggs are 11 percent less likely to have a live birth.

It is important for your friend to know as much information as she can about her pregnancy. Despite these numbers, it appears that many professional women are still banking on the hope that freezing eggs will increase their odds of having a successful pregnancy farther down the line. Two-thirds of all egg-freezing procedures are elective, and women on average freeze their eggs around age 37.
There is no need to consider abortion, adoption, or parenting if she does not have a *viable uterine pregnancy.

For older women hoping to put off pregnancy, keep in mind that the odds of unfreezing a viable egg and successfully implanting it is truly miniscule, and that even if the IVF is successful, they face greater risks of stillbirth.

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