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Are you looking for a simple and easy way to find and choose the best medical scheme cover?
Undoubting many of you ladies have heard about the joys of child birth and what a rewarding experience it is.
I am sure many moms and moms-to-be can testify to the fact that once pregnancy has been confirmed your whole world start to revolve around the baby you are carrying. For some unexplained reason many woman in South Africa fail to realise the importance of having a proper medical aid should they fall pregnant. Here are some of the commonly asked questions relating to pregnancy and medical aid coverage.
Generally the waiting period before maternity benefits become available is 12 calendar months; however it is best to confirm this with your medical aid. The medical aid will cover your for prenatal 2D and 3D scans, these scans are necessary to ensure that your baby’s development is normal and on target. You are allowed several visits to a gynaecologist (please note that the first consultation to a gynaecologist is usually payable by the member, visits thereafter will be covered by the medical aid). You will give birth in a private hospital, where individual attention can be given to mother and baby by the nursing staff.
Paediatrician visits for baby (please note that the first consultation to a paediatrician is usually payable by the member, visits thereafter will be covered by the medical aid).
The best time to join a medical aid is as soon as possible, don’t tempt fate by thinking you cannot fall pregnant because you are being safe. If you are already on a medical aid or thinking about joining one it may be in your best interest to consider additional gap cover as well although your medical aid may have maternity cover.
I am an energetic freelance writer and mother of two my interests include exploring new ways of being self sufficient.
The fact that oriental medicine and acupuncture are methods of treatment that do not have any side effects makes them ideal to use during pregnancy as they pose no threat to the mother or the baby.
According to Chinese medicine the process of labor in a woman is slowed down due to stagnation of Qi and blood in the woman’s body.
Massaging is also a technique that falls under the bracket of Chinese medicine for pregnancy.

It is well known that women tend to get quite emotional during their pregnancies due to hormonal changes. Chinese medicine encompasses a number of different kinds of massages such as Shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na and Jin Shin.
The last thing you want is to give birth in an overcrowded public hospital and given the bad reputation that public hospitals have with regards to child birth no one can blame you.
Excuses I have personally encountered is “I am too young to be thinking about joining a medical aid”, “we just got married we aren’t even thinking about starting a family right now”, “I don’t even have a steady boyfriend”, “I’m using contraceptives I won’t fall pregnant”.
Within this time you must register your baby with your medical aid to receive further medical care as well as other postnatal benefits.
For me this was quite a relief as with both my boys I had to have a emergency C-section, not only was the delivery paid for by my medical aid but my stay in hospital as well.
The delivery itself is very costly and may not be covered in full which could leave you with a substantial shortfall, that’s where gap cover insurance comes in. I have a passion for reading classical books as well as an insatiable interest in ancient mythology. All the content provided on this site is for information purposes only and in no way constitutes as legal or financial advice. Find out about the different techniques used to treat pregnant women in traditional medical treatment from China.Chinese medicine has a number of ways in which it can help women overcome pregnancy related problems. The acupuncturist can find needle points that can help clear this stagnation and restore the balance back to normal.
This is why a Chinese massage has a very calming effect on pregnant women and can be very effective in keeping them calm.
The different kinds of massages provide mild stimulation starting from the skin and having their effects on the organs and tissues. Holding your little one in your arms for the first time brings about a flood of emotions that no words could ever describe.
Sadly public hospital is exactly where many pregnant ladies will end up and this is due to the fact that they do not have medical aid coverage.
A medical aid will not prohibit a pregnant lady from joining; however there is a chance that she will not receive maternity benefits as her pregnancy may be viewed as a pre-existing condition and pre-existing conditions are not covered by any medical aid.

The Chinese have been using these techniques for over 3000 years and now the global community is coming to recognize the effectiveness of their ancient techniques.
Furthermore acupuncture may also bring relief from common pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, morning sickness, constipation, heartburn and backache. Chinese medicine has a collection of herbal formulas that can help pregnant woman during and after pregnancy. By aiding circulation, digestion and excretion along with reducing pain Chinese massages can help pregnant women to come up with the physical conditions that they experience during the course of nine months.
However there is no getting away from the fact that pregnancy, especially an unplanned pregnancy, can be a very scary and very stressful experience especially if you are a first time mom. Ladies, allow me to be frank, if you are sexually active you need medical aid or at least a good hospital plan. Also keep in mind even if you are unaware that you are pregnant when joining a medical aid you will still not receive maternity coverage as it fall outside the waiting period.
Your medical aid will also cover any treatment you may require due to medical complications during your pregnancy i.e.
For more information about gap cover insurance see Gap Cover Insurance – A Medical Scheme Shortfall Solution.
Amongst the herbal formulas are such that will help the woman to retain her strength and vitality at the time of giving birth. If you are pregnant and thinking about switching from one medical aid to another it is of the utmost importance that you make sure of maternity benefits beforehand as your pregnancy may not be covered if you switch. The massage is carefully conducted in order to avoid exerting pressure on the abdominal and sacral areas especially during the first trimester. According to the Chinese understanding labor and the production of breast milk take up a great amount of Qi. Chinese herbal medicines can therefore be helpful in boosting the Qi and restoring the balance.

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