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Regardless of the kind of labor you experience, it can be expected to have a healthy birth. A sudden onset of intense, closely timed contractions with little opportunity for recovery between contractions. The sensation of pressure including an urge to push that comes on quickly and without warning. Though you cannot control the speed at which your labor progresses, there are several steps that you can follow in order to take control of the situation in the event of rapid labor. Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors.
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People may comment on your changed appearance, even though you might not recognize the changes.
It can be clear, pink, or blood tinged and can appear minutes, hours, or even days before the onset of labor. If your membranes have ruptured and you are leaking amniotic fluid, it will be an odorless fluid. Until you see your physician or midwife do not use tampons, have sexual intercourse, or do anything that would introduce bacteria into your vagina.  Let your health care provider know if the fluid is anything other than clear and odorless, especially if it is green in color or foul smelling which can indicate the presence of infection.
Despite these urges, remember that “Labor Day” may be just around the corner, so try to conserve your energy.
Consistent Contractions: When you begin to experience regular uterine contractions, it is the strongest indication that you are in labor. These contractions can feel like menstrual cramps or like a lower backache that comes and goes. When your contractions are consistently 5  minutes apart, it is time to call your health care provider. This seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many men either forget to eat, are too anxious to want to eat, or just fast out of sympathy for their epiduralilized partners who are not allowed to eat.
Scenario: You are sound asleep on the couch while your partner is in labor with an epidural. Don’t be that guy who takes a nap or leaves the room while his wife is in labor with pain.
Pregnancy and family planning are both linked to each other in the sense both are related with reproduction.
Some women follow the typical course of labor, while others may experience delays in labor or find it necessary to induce. Rapid labor, also called precipitous labor, is characterized by labor that can last as little as 3 hours and is typically less than 5 hours. Rapid Labor can make it extremely difficult to find coping strategies and can leave the expectant mother feeling out of control.
Often, by the time the expectant mother realizes that she is indeed having a rapid labor, there is a narrow window of opportunity to drive to the hospital.

Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. When this happens, it is a good time to get out your notebook and record the exact time each contraction begins and how long they last. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse that you can do for yourself than go hungry while your partner is in labor. The nurse suddenly bursts into the room after noticing something wrong on the labor monitor,. When the doctor delivers the baby he or she will place a cord clamp on the cord to stop the blood flow. Unless it is an emergency you should be awake and by your partner’s side as long as she is uncomfortable.
Often times this symptom is not accompanied by contractions as your cervix dilates very quickly.
Many women feel disappointment as they look forward to the birthing process and are surprised by a rapid labor. In this case, methods of pain medication listed in the birthing plan may or may not be available. This is an indication that the baby has dropped, settling deeper into your pelvis and relieving some of the pressure on your diaphragm helping you to not be so short of breath. During pregnancy, a thick plug of mucus protects the cervical opening from bacteria entering the uterus. If you notice fluid leaking, you should try to determine if it smells like urine or if it is odorless. For most of your pregnancy you have probably been fighting the urge to take a nap, so you should easily recognize this symptom. You might hear your health care provider say,“You are 25% effaced, 50% effaced, 75%…” The Braxton Hicks contractions or “practice contractions” you have been experiencing may play a part in the effacement process.
Over the course of time, your contractions are likely to begin occurring at shorter intervals of perhaps every 10-15 minutes or less. The reason for this is that keeping something in your stomach and staying well hydrated will help protect you against an untimely fainting episode.
Suddenly an emergency button is pushed, people come running into the room and before you know it your partner is being whisked away down the hall for an emergency cesarean section and someone is yelling at you to follow. Then the doctor will place another clamp a few inches above this clamp and then in between is where you will be asked to cut.
If you have answered yes to both of these questions then you need to keep in your car and any other place reachable some satisfying snacks for your partner for before she gets to the hospital. In a study done on 500 women it was found that “The continuous presence of a support person reduced the likelihood of medication for pain relief, [forceps or vacuum] vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, and a 5 minute Apgar score less than 7.
Although some women see rapid labor as a wonderful benefit, there are some drawbacks to birthing your baby quickly. When your cervix begins to thin and relax, this plug is expelled.  Some women think the plug will look solid like a cork, but it is actually stringy mucus or discharge.

This is an indication that the lower portion of the uterus is getting prepared for delivery, as a thinner cervix dilates more easily. Dilation is measured in centimeters or, less accurately, in “fingers” during an internal (manual) pelvic exam. The baby goes through a biological process when they are delivered which jump starts their own circulatory-respiratory system.
These double clamping first, prevents injury to the baby and provides a clear indication of where to cut and second, prevents blood from flowing out once the cord is cut. Once a woman has an epidural, she is not allowed to eat or drink anything until after the baby is born. Sometimes the amniotic sac breaks or leaks prior to labor, and because your uterus is resting directly on top of your bladder, it can cause you to leak urine.
Even the hardiest of men have been known to hit the floor at the sight of their partner bleeding or their baby being delivered. If the cord was never cut it would still eventually stop supplying blood to the baby and the baby will continue to breath on its own. Even I, as a nurse who sees blood every day, get woozy watching my husband get a needle prick.
Keep in mind that many hospitals close their food service at night so if your partner is up all night in labor, undoubtedly at some point you are going to be hungry. Keep in mind that once you get to the hospital there may not be any time to get the snack in so try to feed her before you arrive or while on the way.
Be prepared by stocking up on food in your room by bringing with you to the hospital some satisfying snacks such as nuts, sandwiches and fruit. If this doesn’t appeal to you the doctor will have no problem snipping the cord for you. Trust me, you’re not going to want to run out to McDonald’s in the middle of the night and risk missing the birth of your baby.
Even a half turkey sandwich and a glass of OJ is enough to keep you going for several hours.
Furthermore, if you are one of those guys who it does really means a lot to you to cut the cord you need to be aware that there are some circumstances where this may not be possible. So, if you don’t think you will remember to eat, designate someone around you to remind you.
For example, if your wife has a caesarean or if your baby has passes meconium (the first stool) before delivery then the doctor will likely cut the cord. I have found that most men, if not all, wind up cutting the cord anyways when the time comes.

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