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We Can Help Ease Your Mind We, the founders of A Guardian Angel Adoptions LLC are all adoptive mothers ourselves, so we have a deep love and understanding of birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptive children. More About Your Options, Resources and Support Surprise pregnancies, and the choices you face, are often confusing. Your Choices Made Easier At A Guardian Angel Adoptions, more than just a source for support and information, you’ll have a listening ear, an instant friend, and a hope for a much brighter future than you thought possible.
We go out of our way to communicate well with all involved and make it a life-changing and positive experience. Please call us toll-free right now — we have a compassionate owner or staff member available to take your call 24-7, and discuss your pregnancy options with you.

We are a fully licensed adoption agency, and have assisted young birth mothers and adoptive parents from all over the U.S. You don’t have to terminate your pregnancy, with all the dangers and legal and societal implications that can bring. We understand the options you can consider, and we offer the help and support you need, start to finish. You also don’t have to sacrifice your own youth, giving up your hopes and dreams to raise this child right now, or lock the child into a life of poverty. For information on the steps you should take to enter the adoption process, see our unplanned pregnancy options – Adoption outline.

We’ve helped over a thousand young birth mothers through the term of their pregnancy, and assisted them in making dreams come true for more mature parents who are unable to have a child of their own, and will nurture their adopted baby in an atmosphere of love and opportunity.

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