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Hypertension-or-High-Blood-PressureWhen arteries become narrow due to plaque deposition, the blood pressure increases against vascular walls. Blood-CholesterolCholesterol Deposit on the Walls of the blood vessels, leads to the formation of plaque, that narrows the blood vessels resulting into less or no blood flow. Renovascular-HypertensionWhen kidney problems combine with high blood pressure, it leads to renovascular hypertension. Orthostatic HypertensionWithin three minutes of standing there is a sudden fall of systolic and diastolic pressure. Hypertension and ObesityObese people have 60% more chance of getting affected with hypertension.
Pregnancy-Induced-Hypertension-This condition primarily strikes pregnant women in the 20th week of gestation. Hypertensive-Retinopathy-Prolonged and untreated Hypertension may lead to Hypertensive Retinopathy. Lower Blood Pressure Naturallyreduce stress, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow dash diet.
Pregnancy induced hypertension is considered as a critical condition that usually occur to pregnant women.
The mother will reveal a medical history of high blood pressure which is about (140 mmHg or more for systolic pressure and 30 mmHg or more for diastolic pressure).

Further laboratory and diagnostic evaluations may indicate a pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension.
If the pregnant mother’s blood pressure remains high and has not reduced despite of the treatment given, they will receive magnesium sulfate to enhance diuretic effect.
Pregnant woman who is diagnosed to have pregnancy induced hypertension are required for strict measuring of blood pressure. As a conclusion, pregnancy induced hypertension should be relieved with immediate medical response.
When this pressure goes beyond normal blood pressure, it is called high blood pressure or hypertension. Copying the lifestyle of hypertensive parents keep you at risk, but if a person practices healthier lifestyle, this factor will not take effect at all. Most of the time, they gain at least 3 or more pounds (1.4 kilograms) in a week until the 3rd trimester. These include edematous extremities (lower and upper legs, including the face), hyperreflexia (hyperactivity response to stimulus) for deep tendon reflexes. Additionally, it can reduce the blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of seizure attacks.
These include the assessment of pulse rate, respiratory rate, fetal heart rate (condition of the fetus), level of consciousness and the reflexes of her deep tendon.

Their only aim is to share their opinion on the concerned topic, and help the reader understand it better. The pregnant mother will receive IV medication (magnesium sulfate) to prevent the occurrence of seizure.
Good or bad, Right or wrong is solely readers decision and should be taken under the guidance of a medical expert. Currently, this condition can cause serious complications to both mother and her developing fetus.
Pregnant women may complain of oliguria (urine output of at least 400 ml in a day or lesser), blurring of vision (visual problem), pain at the epigastrium area, heartburn, and emotional anxiety that may lead to easy irritability. Health care professionals such as nurse must explain this medication to pregnant women, to alleviate anxiety level.

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