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Bloating commonly known as gassiness is a common abdominal discomfort among children and adults. A person who eats quickly will also swallow too much air which is a known cause of bloating.
In addition, one should minimize intake of carbonated drinks and avoid using straws if he or she want to get rid of gas and bloating in stomach fast. Drinking natural teas such as chamomile tea has been seen to give relief to bloated people. If you are in an emergency, you will need to call for help and sometimes it can be more difficult for you to ask for help if you are in a critical danger. Once the alarm triggered, it will send location map and, photo, and your friends can trace that location to rescue you. In addition, when the trigger is pressed again it will send a message on your facebook and twitter account.
You do not need to download the same app on the phones of your friends and emergency contacts. Hiccups free the gas trapped in the digestive tract before it gets further down to the intestines where it causes bloating. Lower back muscles will become less tense which will help you release the excess air through farting.

Even if you have you phone, it might not be possible to call or ask somebody to rescue you. Once the alarm is set, you will see a large button on your screenwood or homescreen and when pressed for help it will send an alert message to your family and friends.
Parents can also keep eye on their children and it is useful for the women working in not a very safe location.
You can use this app by setting an alarm and your family and friends near you will get to you soon.
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Smokers inhale a mixture of gases which eventually find their way into the stomach which fills up with air, causing bloating. This gas may be released during burping but some of it gets trapped in the digestive tract. Sleeping immediately after a meal will slow the process and you may wake up full and bloated. Use of laxatives may give instant relief as one will be able to expel digested food naturally. Now an app has made this so simple for you and you can now get help by countering a trigger.

Further, fifth time pressed it will upload a photo of the attacker or surroundings on your face book and twitter account.
Your location picture, photo of the person who is attacking sent just via tapping the screen after alarm triggered. Once triggered, it will send your location picture, details of location to social networking websites. These should only be used in extreme cases because overuse may lead to over reliance on the drugs. If you fall in such situation, not able to call, simply press the trigger that is on your homescreen. These are micro organisms which encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines that help to reduce flatulence.
After that if the attacker snatches your phone, the phone and your location remain traceable.

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