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As a result the food gets digested slowly and painfully resulting in bloating, acidity and indigestion. Heart burn occurs when the acidic stomach juices and bile rise up from the stomach into the esophagus causing widespread irritation to esophagal lining which results in the burning sensation.
If a particular food or drink brings it on, avoid it completely and have substitutes instead. Although you may be tempted to plonk on the couch and devour a snack or two in front of the tv, avoid.
The problem also gets compounded with your growing belly pushing your stomach contents up into your esophagus.

The gastric juices are less likely to make their way up when you are upright than when you are horizontal. You may also have some honey in warm milk, a handful of almonds or some papaya that tends to give relief from heartburn.
The reason behind this is the increasing levels of progesterone and relaxin which relax every muscle in your body including the gastro-intestinal tract. Although extremely uncomfortable for the mother, it is actually beneficial for the baby as it helps slow down the digestion and results in better nutrient absorption for the baby.
There are some pretty effective ways of reducing the discomfort associated with heartburn although you cannot completely eliminate it.

Pregnancy & ParentingMay 02, 2012015 Early Signs And Symptoms Of PregnancyThe most joyful and exciting news that you can get is that you are pregnant.
Moreover food that is gulped down is not likely to be chewed properly which only leads to ineffective digestion and heart burn.
Relax and do not take undue stress as all these factors will compound and exacerbate heart burn.

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