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Normally, kidney activity increases when a person lies down and decreases when a person stands. Thanks to the hormone relaxin, which is released to prepare your body for childbirth, flexibility increases everywhere. Thanks to the changes of rapid growth of the uterus and increase levels in adrenal hormones, pink lines may begin to appear on your stomach. Pressure from your growing uterus may cause constipation as your uterus presses on the lower intestines.
A blotchy, brownish pigment may appear on your face, usually around the forehead and cheeks.

Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Take away the emotions behind the experience and look at it purely from a nature perspective and it only seems even more amazing. You are more likely to stretch your ligaments further - also putting you at bigger risk to injury.
With the expanding uterus and your spine compensating (curving) to help balance the load, aches and pains are common. High levels of progesterone during pregnancy also slows the muscular contraction in the intestines which normally moves food along - slowing everything down.

A perfect combination of you and your partner and it all seems pretty automatic to your body.
As you know, I love interesting facts about things so while researching, I came across some pretty amazing facts about what really goes on in the pregnant body.
These changes are all thanks to the placenta which produces a hormone that stimulates melanin production.

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