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If you didn't know better, you'd swear a case of cabin fever fell directly on your household! Whether the weather's keeping you indoors or it's luring you out, we have activities to engage your kid and your inner child! Little kids find lifting those packed snow bodies and heads (the ones that weigh as much or more than the child) into position a challenge. April 12, 2016 by Fit N Cookies 10 Comments You know those workouts you think of and in your head they don’t sound too bad? May 20, 2014 by Fit N Cookies 19 Comments If the thought of working with others in the fitness industry, whether it be a personal trainer, or a group fitness instructor, has ever crossed your mind, I have some pretty important information to share. January 21, 2014 by Fit N Cookies 41 Comments I headed to the Doctor yesterday for a follow up from my toe surgery in December.
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Try sculpting a creation from snow packed into buckets and other containers or go it free-hand. When you are working with anyone to improve their fitness, and pushing them to lift more, run further, go faster, you need to know a bit of background about them. After looking at my slightly swollen toe, he asked how it was, and what I’ve been able to do on it.
We are experiencing the coldest temperatures in years, as most of you all are I assume, too! They can be round (make a ball with your hands), have hats (point to your head) and melt (wilt to the floor). But you were there for me during the Polar Vortex when I couldn’t think about going outside, and now, I must count the ways I love you..
I told him I’ve been running—much less than usual but still running- and that I ran 6 miles yesterday morning.

The first school that I sub for called it off today at 12:00 yesterday, and the rest of the districts around closed shortly after. Once you've "found" everything, top off the activity with that snack and a cup of hot chocolate -- either in the kitchen or straight from the thermos. One week closer to summer and being able to stay outside without freezing, which happened to be what we did this weekend.
Though I would rather be working right now to make money, I’m all about staying inside and snuggling with my Benny. I didn’t snap pictures, but Annabelle loved hanging out with them, and was in a great mood!

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