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Tresillian Live Advice service is a free service where you can ask advice from a Tresillian Nurse, online, using a chat application on Facebook.
Pregnancy is a time of great change and one of the most important things you can do is look after your own health. Find out more about being a Carer from Carers Australia then go to the Carer section of this website. KaritaneKaritane has been able to help families with young children who require treatment, support and assistance during the early years of parenting. Kidsafe NSWKidsafe is the leading non-government, not-for-profit charitableorganisation, dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuriesand reducing the resulting deaths and disabilities associated withinjuries in children under the age of 15 years. NSW Family and Community ServicesCommunity Services’ main focus is on supporting vulnerable families and keeping children and young people safe from abuse and neglect. NSW Health: Immunisation ProgramThe Immunise Australia Program aims to increase national immunisation rates by funding free vaccination programs, administering the Australian Childhood Immunisation register and communicating information about immunisation to the general public and health professionals. Raising Children NetworkSupported by the Australian Government, Raising Children Network is the complete Australian resource for parenting newborns to teens.
SIDS and KidsSIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families. Tresillian Family Care CentresAustralia’s largest child and family health organisation providing expert parenting advice to families during the early years.
ACI: Home Enteral Nutrition Resources for ConsumersHome enteral nutrition (HEN) is the giving of nutritional support either by mouth or by a feeding tube into the gastrointestinal tract in the home setting. ADA – Australian Dental AssociationThe Australian Dental Association is an organisation of dentists which has as its aim the encouragement of the health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry. ADA – Australian Dental Association NSW BranchADA NSW is the prime membership association for dentists in NSW and the ACT. ASCIA: Anaphylaxis e-training (Community)ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training for first aid (community) has been developed by the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) in response to the recognised need for ready access to reliable and consistent anaphylaxis education throughout Australia and New Zealand. Asthma AustraliaAsthma Australia provides education, training and advocacy for patients with asthma and linked conditions. Australasian College of Dermatologists A – Z of SkinThe Australasian College of Dermatologists is the medical college responsible for the training and professional development of medical practitioners in the specialty of dermatology.
Australian Childhood FoundationThe Australian Childhood Foundation works to give children back the childhoods that have been stolen from them through no fault of their own. Australian Childhood Immunisation RegisterA national register that records vaccinations given to children under seven years of age. Australian Council on Children and the MediaThe Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM), incorporating Young Media Australia, is a unique national community organisation whose members share a strong commitment to the promotion of the healthy development of Australian children. Australian HearingAustralian Hearing is one of the largest hearing service providers in the world with a reputation for innovation and world-leading practices.  Australian Hearing provides subsidised services to clients with a disability under our Community Service Obligation. Australian Society of Clinical Immunology & AllergyThe Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) is a professional medical organisation, comprised predominantly of clinical immunology and allergy medical specialists. Better Start For Children with DisabilityThe Better Start for Children with Disability initiative provides funding for early intervention services.
Cancer AustraliaCancer Australia was established by the Australian Government in 2006 to benefit all Australians affected by cancer, and their families and carers. Cystic Fibrosis AustraliaCystic Fibrosis organisations in Australia provide support and services to people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and their carers and families.
Diabetes Australia: Eating Well with DiabetesChoosing healthy foods and being active will help manage your blood glucose levels and your body weight.
Diabetes NSWWe are the New South Wales branch of Diabetes Australia which formed on 27 July 1938. Eat for HealthThe Australian Dietary Guidelines (the Guidelines) provide up-to-date advice about the amount and kinds of foods that we need to eat for health and wellbeing. Eczma Information at asciaEczema occurs in around 1 in 5 infants, but usually improves with age. Grow me SafelyKidsafe NSW recognises the importance of gardening with children to build life skills, inspire creativity, grow and harvest food, role model safe practices and a respect for nature.

Healthy Hips AustraliaHealthy Hips Australia is a national health promotion charity with a mission to increase the availability and accessibility of resources, education and support for people working with and impacted by hip dysplasia.
Heart Foundation: Jump Rope for HeartJump rope for Heart is all about learning how to keep fit and healthy. Hepatitis AustraliaOur mission is to provide leadership and advocacy on viral hepatitis and support partnerships for action to ensure the needs of Australians affected by or at risk of viral hepatitis are met. Hepatitis NSWWe work to prevent the transmission of viral hepatitis and to improve the health and well-being of affected people and communities. HNE Kids Health: Children Young People and FamiliesThe Children, Young People and Families Directorate of Hunter New England Local Health District integrates a range of health care services designed to meet the ever-changing health needs of babies, children, young people and their families. I ImmuniseWhen parents elect not to immunise their children, this affects those around them who may become vulnerable to disease due to insufficient herd immunity. Kid’s HelplineKids Helpline is Australia’s only free, confidential and anonymous 24 hour telephone and online counseling service specifically for young people aged between five to 18.
Kidney HealthKidney Health Australia is a not for profit organisation whose focus is to improve kidney health outcomes which lead to improvements to the quality of life for people with kidney and urinary tract diseases.
Lab Tests OnlineAll you need to know about pathology testingPathology tests are essential to modern medicine.
National Asthma Council AustraliaNational Asthma Council Australia is a not for profit organisation working to improve health outcomes and quality of life for people with asthma. National Healthy School CanteensNational Healthy School Canteens is part of the Australian Better Health initiative assisting school canteens to provide healthy food choices. NPS MedicineWiseIndependent, evidence-based and not-for-profit, at NPS MEDICINEWISE we provide practical tools and information about medicines, health conditions and medical tests. NSW Health: Make Healthy NormalWith over half the adults in NSW overweight or obese, being unhealthy has become normal. NSW Health: Public Oral Health (Dental) ServicesThe range of oral health services provided through the NSW public health system broadly includes dental services to children and adults according to criteria that target emergency situations, those in most need, dental education and oral health promotional services.
NSW Kids and Families: Child and Family FAQAnswer to commonly asked quesitons and about child and family health issues and services. NSW Poisons Information CentreOur mission is to provide high quality, up-to-date and evidence-based information regarding the risk assessment, management and treatment of human poisoning to the general public and health care professionals, across New South Wales 24 hours a day and after-hours to the remainder of Australia. Optometry Australia: Your EyesOptometrists are a source for all your eye health, vision and prescription eyewear needs. Caesarean babies delivered earlier than 39 weeks have higher rates of respiratory distress and most international obstetric associations recommend that they are not delivered before that date.
But an analysis of birth data shows that NSW public hospitals are disregarding the directive, with one hospital delivering elective caesareans earlier than 39 weeks to 67.5 per cent of mothers who have previously had a caesarean delivery. Researchers from the Kolling Institute of Medical Research analysed birth and hospital data between 2008 and 2011 to evaluate whether hospitals were complying with the government directive, and their results were published in Public Health Research and Practice.
Early delivery was more likely among women who had private health cover, were smokers or had used reproductive technology. The Kolling’s clinical population and perinatal health research director, Christine Roberts, said elective caesareans might be performed earlier than the recommended time due to convenience, the preference of patients or their clinicians or access to operating theatres. Miracle Babies founder and neonatologist Robert Guaran said the rate of early elective caesareans was too high, with those babies more likely to suffer respiratory distress and perform poorly in the long term. Delivery was more likely to be early among women who had private health cover, who were smokers or who had used assisted reproductive technology such as IVF.
But Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians vice-president Steve Robson said some of the early deliveries might only be a day or two earlier than 39 weeks and the study did not make this clear.
Obstetricians may err on the side of delivering a day or two before 39 weeks if the alternative was to schedule after 40 weeks, in order to avoid the woman going into labour early, Professor Robson said. NSW Health declined to comment on the usual rate of compliance with its policy directives, or the acceptability of one-third of births not to be complying with its elective caesarean mandate. The department would review the policy in early 2016 and identify how awareness could be raised among clinicians, it said. I don’t think you should be able to schedule a csection (except under medical circumstances).

I don’t believe you should be able to schedule to have your baby early just because it fits in with other plans.
When the rate of early elective caesareans is too high indeed it must be due to the poor advice of the OB’s and that is concerning !
We work closely with other government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the community to achieve this. People requiring nutritional support at home face a number of difficulties accessing clinical services, formula and equipment.
Established in 1929, we: help our members deliver the best possible oral health care to their patients promote oral health awareness in the community. Dermatologists are qualified medical specialists who, through additional training, have obtained postgraduate qualifications to specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin, nail and hair diseases and skin cancers. Their particular interest and expertise is in the role that media experiences play in that development.
The Podiatrist’s scope of practice includes areas such as paediatrics, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems, the treatment of the elderly as well as general foot care. The ASCIA membership also includes other medical practitioners, scientists and allied health professionals (mainly nurses and dietitians) who work in the areas of allergy and immunology. Each disability included in the Better Start program is subject to an eligibility threshold.
Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) counsellors are trained volunteers who provide counselling and breastfeeding information to any person seeking their help. Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of cancer and improve the well-being of those diagnosed by ensuring that evidence informs cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. The website has been funded by the Australian Government ‘s Department of Health and Ageing.
Healthy eating for people with diabetes is similar to recommendations for everyone so there is no need to prepare separate meals or buy special foods. Diabetes NSW works proactively to improve the day-to-day lives of people living with diabetes, help prevent diabetes-related complications and make things easier by educating carers, employers and the general public.
The recommendations are based on scientific evidence, developed after looking at good quality research. Many people who have eczema, especially infants, either have, or will develop other allergies. At risk are newborn babies too young to be immunised, and individuals whose immune systems are compromised by disease or chemotherapy. This program covers Early Childhood, Primary and Transition to School and involves people who have a significant influence on children’s lives. They provide the information needed to make diagnoses, screen for illnesses and monitor treatment and medication. We’re here to help you understand them with up-to-date information written by practising Australian pathologists and senior laboratory scientists.
We give individuals the tools and knowledge to help them make better decisions about their health and medicines and keep health professionals up to date with the latest evidenced-based information. Just a handful of belly fat increases risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes.
This booklet, bound in a blue plastic cover, is produced by the NSW Ministry of Health, and is given to all parents in NSW after the birth of a baby. Here at Optometry Australia we think we have everything you need to ensure you and your family have good vision for life. Of course if there is a medical reason it would be understandable but I even had Doctors ask me if I wanted to be induced earlier than my due date for convenience.
There are sections designed specifically for health professionals and others for patients, for carers, and for family and friends. One lady wanted her son born a day before her sisters baby just so she could say that her baby was born first.

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