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You can’t gain weight or clog arteries from a comparison, so why compare the size of your unborn baby to health food?
Plus, realistically, how many pregnant women are ever struck with a sudden, insane late-night craving for kumquats?
I figured, when learning about the growth of the baby during pregnancy, let’s go with what we know! Sometimes they can tell as early as 12 weeks, but you made me smile that you were preemptively making an accuracy call on a chart that relates the size of a fetus to desserts and fast food. Actually, James, gender CAN be determined at 18 weeks, but it takes a high tech ultrasound and a talented ultrasound tech to see it. That said, this chart would have been much more interesting to my husband than the fruit one.

I find it amusing that the banana in the banana split is almost twice the size of the banana added for scale. This isn’t supposed to be lesson in nutrition, you just want a reference for how big the baby is. A chart with 40-42 items would have been like a week-long backrub… actually that sounds rad. I have never seen yes on pregnancy test…This looks fun, minus the corn dog and chicken, only because I’m vegetarian though! The majority of people probably don’t know what the heck a kumquat is, let alone how big one is.
Not all cucumbers were created equal and holy crap who wants to think their baby is cucumber-shaped!?

I wish I could have done more weeks in the chart, because a pizza roll would definitely be on there! LOL There should be a taco on there somewhere…uuummm week 24 (ish) I craved Taco Bell with my first like you wouldn’t believe!
Ah well I am now newly informed should we ever find ourselves in this situation again (not overly likely but possible). Hey, what woman doesn’t dream of their secret garden one day becoming a vegetable garden?

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