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16 & Pregnant is back for a fifth season, and the latest trailer for the series promises that some very heart wrenching stories will be told in the upcoming new episodes. MTV just released the trailer for season 5 of 16 & Pregnant, and it looks like we are in for a treat. As expected, season 5 looks like it is going to be drama-filled: there are tears, from both babies and mothers, there are arguments between the young parents, and, of course we see the young moms showing their majestic bumps and giving birth.
The girls of 16 & Pregnant season 5 have already been identified, and we can not wait to see their stories each Monday night. Olivia Wilde may be just two weeks away from giving birth, but that is not stopping her from enjoying herself!
Olivia Wilde, 30, was absolutely glowing as she stepped out for an event just two weeks before her official due date.

Olivia cradled her baby bump in a black chiffon dress that clung to her figure, showing off how big her baby bump has gotten. Just two months ago on March 2, Olivia’s bump was barely there in another form-fitting dress at the 2014 Academy Awards. Olivia is positively glowing in these new pictures, and we bet she can’t wait to finally give birth to her son. Sometimes she tweets about being pregnant and getting hit on, while other times she makes important announcements: like the sex of her baby! Then get ready, because season five of the dramatic docu-series will now premiere on Monday, April 14 at 10pm on MTV. With the trailer came an announcement that the new season will actually premiere on April 14 instead of April 29.

The soon-to-be mom stepped out at the Revlon Concert for the Rainforest Fund on April 17 in New York City.
The mom-to-be was on hand to celebrate Revlon’s Concert for the Rainforest Fund event in New York City on April 17. Though her fiance Jason Sudeikis was not present at the event, the happy couple have been spotted around New York City taking romantic strolls together as they prepare for their baby. Be sure to watch the brand new trailer, which is an emotional roller coaster as a brand new batch of teenagers face their biggest fear: unplanned pregnancy.

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