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Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox. A ‘VIP abortion’ clinic in India is taking advantage of vulnerable women in the UAE by offering to deliver pills to their door for a quick and easy way to terminate a pregnancy, a 7DAYS investigation has revealed.

When 7DAYS contacted Vibha – The Family Hospital’s 24-hour abortion hotline in Mumbai, posing as a customer, a doctor told us that the centre could offer three options for terminating unwanted pregnancies. Dubai Police said abortion in the emirate could lead to a Dhs10,000 fine and a year in prison. If you are less then nine weeks pregnant and follow the instructions when taking the pills, he added.
Home-delivery of the abortion pills in Dubai – or anywhere else in the UAE?- costs $1,000. Options one and two involve flying to India and either having the abortion there or collecting the pills. Dr Joy added: “According to me, option three is most economical… instead of paying for a visa and ticket… but it’s the not legal option. Testimonials have been published on the website of the abortion clinic at the hospital from women of different nationalities claiming to be UAE residents, who say they have used the clinic’s services in India.
When 7DAYS later contacted the clinic in an official capacity as media, they did not respond to repeated requests for comment. However, doctors in the UAE warned women they could be putting their health at risk by using the service.

Dr Shrivastav added: “Even if they take the pill, especially without any antibiotic care, there is a risk of infection if pregnancy tissue or products of conception are retained in the patient’s uterus after abortion.
Options one and two involve flying to India, but Dr Joy said “option three is to do the procedure in Dubai”. If the abortion pills are on the list of banned drugs, anyone in possession faces four years in jail, followed by deportation.
As soon as the funds are received, we will call you and tell you how to collect it from her.
Dr Pankaj Shrivastav, director of Conceive Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital in Sharjah, told 7DAYS: “The pills only work in the first seven to eight weeks. If an infection is not treated, it could lead to a more severe infection, which can lead to infertility or even damage the tubes.

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