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The Taliban have kept up a drumbeat of attacks since their leader was killed last month in a U.S. At a campaign event, Donald Trump said Bob Guillo gave his Trump University program the highest rating possible.
Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in county jail for sexual assault.
A year ago, the government said the personal information of millions of employees and others was stolen by hackers. The NPR photographer kept heading back to the front lines in Afghanistan to gauge how the Afghan military was faring against the Taliban.

NPR's Philip Reeves remembers Zabihullah Tamanna, a brave Afghan journalist who brought compassion to his work. The issue is whether the law allows companies to suspend pregnant workers, while allowing other workers with temporary disabilities to remain on the job.In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled that a company that didn't include pregnancy in its disability plan was not discriminating based on gender. She contends that UPS violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the PDA, by treating pregnant workers differently from other workers with temporary disabilities. Young says she was ready and willing to work, and that her route required her to pick up and deliver mainly envelopes and small packages. But because her doctor recommended she not lift more than 20 pounds, she was laid off for the duration of her pregnancy."Peggy Young was seven years old when the Pregnancy Discrimination Act became law," said Young's lawyer Sharon Fast Gustafson on the steps of the Supreme Court.

She urged the Supreme Court to leave any further refinement of the law to "the democratic process," and she noted that nine states have added protections for pregnant employees."For the democratic process to work as it should," shot back Justice Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court has to properly interpret the law.

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