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On this week’s vlog I talk a bit about how I managed to reduce my acid reflux and heartburn by changing my diet, and also about loosing weight because of it. Stretch marks? Only the little red mark that appeared under my left breast last week, which I still don’t know if it is a stretch mark or not, but it certainly looks like one. Miss anything? Anything I could do without a big bump that I now I can’t anymore, such as wash the dishes without getting water all over my clothes, shaving my legs and sitting indian-style, with legs crossed up. Movement: He started doing these big movements now, where with a single kick he manages to move my hand out of the way. Symptoms: Almost no nausea, less acid reflux and heartburn and the bladder incontinence is back – fun times! I also talk about feeling very anxious about the proximity of my labour and how much happier I’ve felt throughout this week.

A pillow under my back and another one under my bump and suddenly I feel incredibly comfortable (all things considered!). It’s like Christmas all over again with car seats, pushchairs, baby monitors, nappy bins all around the house.
It’s quite amazing to see someone so small show so much personality already through his movements!
I wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning feeling absolutely starved, even though I had a normal meal the night before. I’ve also cut down on dairy and reduced my meal sizes even more, so I now eat lots of smaller meals, but I spread them throughout the day.
I still wake up every time I need to swap from one side to the other, but I fall straight back asleep!

The last time I craved them was when I first suspected I was pregnant, and that was why I had a feeling something was going on, as I never craved sweets before pregnancy. I’m very happy with this change, as it means I’ve felt a lot better and my baby is getting more nutritious food!

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