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Learn more about this informational and inspirational DVD program offering hope to the bereaved. You are 8 Weeks and 4 Days 220 days to go…Your baby’s bones are beginning to develop—and they will continue to lengthen from now until his teenage years.Your baby todayIn the upper limb bud, the flat expansion that will form the hand can be identified. After his death she read The Institute of Medicine’s report To Err Is Human and realized that the errors responsible for her son’s death were not unique. This created a desire and determination to better understand and work towards improving health care. Currently she has completed a master’s degree in public health and a PhD in clinical and population health research and is completing a post-doctoral fellowship. His body is less curled up than it was a few weeks ago.The skeleton will gradually calcify and harden.
Lord shares her personal and professional experiences in presentations and workshops for medical staff and students focusing on the importance of effective communication with patients before and after an error.
With the exception of the cranial skull bones, all your baby’s bones have a soft cartilage core that will later be reabsorbed as it is converted into hard bone.
This process of hardening, known as ossification, starts in so-called primary ossification centers during the next five weeks of your pregnancy. Within these primary centers, specialized cells form spongy then hard bone as calcium salts are laid down.

Happy, relaxed people tend to have high levels of serotonin, a brain chemical that is produced when you consume protein-rich foods. Only unpasteurized cheeses are potentially dangerous because they increase the risk of listeria (a rare bacterium that can attack the baby). Try to find ways to communicate this to your partner.At a time when you want to feel close to your partner, you may find that your relationship is changing, and it may be quite fraught with issues. Often men say that their pregnant partners are more sensitive or now react to things differently and that this can be difficult for them to handle.Your relationship will inevitably change—going through pregnancy together is momentous—but as long as you keep communicating, you will be able to support each other. Conversely, you will be very aware of the pregnancy and undergoing many physical and emotional changes.Your partner may need more time than you to adjust to the idea of becoming a parent. He may be concerned about practical issues, such as the changes to your lifestyle and the financial implications of having a baby. Remember, that although many changes are happening to your body, your partner does have feelings and this is a big life change for him too.
If you’ve told your family and close friends about the pregnancy, all the attention may be on you.
Your partner may be feeling left out and this is something that often gets worse as the pregnancy progresses and after the baby arrives.Take time to find out your partner’s concerns and look for ways to involve him more in the pregnancy, if that’s what he wants.
Remember that small babies have very few needs, other than being fed, loved, changed, and stimulated, and much of the paraphernalia that you think you need is unnecessary.

If you do have options, talk to women you know locally who have had their babies at those hospitals to find out about their experience. For example, some hospitals may have a birth center attached, and have a less medically managed approach to childbirth.Start thinking now about the kind of questions you want to ask your doctor.
Also make a note, in advance, of the key details of your medical history and any pregnancy symptoms.Tackling coldsCold medicines contain a variety of ingredients, including antihistamines, that are best avoided in pregnancy.
Many women enjoy the experience of giving birth at home, because they may feel more comfortable with familiar surroundings and people. If there is a history of long or complicated labors in your family, your baby is breech or very small, there are issues about the location of the cord or the placenta, you are very overweight or unhealthy, or you suffer from conditions such as diabetes, it might be worth erring on the side of caution.
If you have your baby in a hospital, quick and early intervention can take place if needed.
I was nervous about what might go wrong, but my midwife reassured me that she would be monitoring me, and would get me to the hospital if there was a problem.

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