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Apart from the obvious answer….”well, Im having a baby”…did you find out the sex before the actual birth? Here are some fun ways of predicting whether you are having a bonny boy…or a dainty, wee girl….We would love to hear from you about how many were correct for you (if you are looking back) or whether you are experiencing any now!? Specialists are readily on hand within public and private hospitals and many professionals offer support in home or alternative birthing options, so you will always be able to find the right person to assist you in your chosen birthing experience.Public Hospital Birthing Options In BrisbaneThere are several Queensland Health administered hospitals offering a variety of birthing options in Brisbane. Our journey began whilst looking for clothes that made us feel feminine and beautiful in one of the most defining time of our lives, and that’s when we were introduced to a selection of gorgeous pieces that ticked all the right boxes. We loved the clothes so much we contacted the supplier and are now proud ambassadors of Mothers En Vogue (MEV) clothing.Nursing AccessWhy is nursing access so important? Community Midwifery delivers care by a group of midwives in a convenient community setting. At the Nundah Community Health Centre, care throughout pregnancy is coordinated by the woman and a small group of dedicated RBWH midwives.
Tertiary Obstetric Care is offered for women with pre-existing health problems or those who develop problems during their pregnancy.
These versatile items are specifically designed to support mothers by allowing you to discreetly breastfeed in comfort whether you’re at home or out and about.

The Private Practice Specialist Clinic offers several Obstetricians that care for private patients booked to deliver at the RBWH. The designers have cleverly incorporated the access points without compromising style or quality. Check out the amazing use of draping to accentuate your curves and discover the hidden nursing access in our best-selling Cocoon Drape Dress.
One thing you can be sure of, is that these clothes are effortlessly beautiful and can be worn well after pregnancy.Natural FibresNatural fibres are biodegradable, lightweight, breathable, and best of all feel luxurious. The Wesley Hospital has more than 30 specialty areas and all of these multidisciplinary teams are available to support your birthing options as needed during your stay in the Maternity Unit.North West Private HospitalNorth West Private Hospital’s Maternity services have been developed to provide flexibility and choice with a focus on you and your baby’s individualised care.
MEV has a constant desire to strive for environmentally friendly alternatives, grown without harmful pesticides or harsh chemicals which is why we can’t get enough of them! In 2011, a suite of deluxe care rooms were completed, providing patients with an extra level of luxury for an additional fee.St Andrew’s Ipswich Private HospitalSt Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital provides comprehensive maternity services to Ipswich, the surrounding communities and suburbs on the western side of Brisbane.
Make sure you keep a look out on our website for the organic eco collection on offer.Matching Mother and Child CombinationWhoever said matching outfits would never catch on hasn’t seen the range of Mother and Child clothing available!
The 23 bed Maternity Unit offers a mix of private and some shared accommodation.Alternative Birthing Options In BrisbaneChildbirth choices in Brisbane are not just limited to hospital births.

More and more women are opting for natural births that can take place in the home with as little medical intervention as possible.MidwifesA midwife may assist in the delivery of your baby in your home or in a hospital.
These bibs are made from various trendy fabrics with organic bamboo cotton terry backing that is soft and comfortable against bubs skin. Accredited midwives in general have the option of performing hospital or home births, whereas non-accredited midwifes traditionally practice only within the home.DoulasA very supportive addition to the birthing process is engaging a doula or a labour coach. A doula will work to reduce your stress while in labour so as to produce a delivery with fewer complications. Homebirth Queensland provides a comprehensive list of Midwifes and Doulas, searchable by your location.

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