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Twins may be identical or maternal twins that are the results of early division of one zygote (product of 1 sperm and 1 egg) and non-identical or fraternal twins that indicate fertilization of two sperms with two separate eggs. Research and statistical data suggest that the chances of getting pregnant with twins are only 1 in 89 pregnancies. The chances of hyper-ovulatory cycles increase with advancing age suggesting a clear chance of twin pregnancy. In most cases, twin gestations are the result of a mere chance; however clinical data suggest that following interventions may play a significant role. Weight gain is associated with changes in the secretion, post-translational modification and serum level of reproductive hormones. There are a number of foods that increases the rate of ovulation by increasing the secretion of certain hormones that stimulate ovaries to release and grow multiple ova.
Other foods that also increase your chances of multiple conceptions are high cholesterol foods (that are generally not advised by healthcare providers for a long period of time) and high quality proteins like tofu, soy isoflavones, whole wheat and whole grains. Folic acid is frequently advised to women of reproductive age group to decrease the risk of developing anemia during pregnancy and to minimize the chances of neural tube defects in the baby.
Some of the folate containing diets includes lentils (half cup supply more than 180 mcg of folate that is approximately 50% of the recommended daily allowance of folate). Fertility aid in the form of exogenous hormonal supplements or medications like Clomiphene citrate increases the chances of ovulation many folds. Birth control pills alter the normal rhythm of serum reproductive hormones and soon after stopping oral contraceptives, ovarian cycles are usually not regular. Breastfeeding is considered as a natural method of contraception due to high prolactin levels; however, after 6 months of delivery, cycles gradually returns to normal. There was a tremendous relief that most of us felt when the CFL bulbs started being imported from China.
It is true that CFL’s consume less energy that traditional Incandescent bulbs and are guaranteed to work for around 8000 hours.
When there is a high level of exposure to Mercury, it can damage the central nervous system, brain, kidneys and liver as it is a very potent powerful neurotoxin. With so many broken CFL bulbs already disposed of in various landfills and garbage dumps let us have a look at what impact Mercury has in the environment.
The microbial activity turns the mercury into Methyl mercury which gets transferred to the fish and hence enters the food chain. The one safe option to CFL in these times of expensive energy and value for money is Light Emitting Diode or LED bulbs.
Another brand new year had started taking flight in front of you and it is already the end of February. Nuclear families don't have time and the peer group also has a limited amount of information that they can share.

Identical twins happen when a single egg is fertilised by a single sperm to form one zygote that then divides into two separate embryos. Non-identical or Fraternal twins develop from two different eggs fertilised by two different sperm cells. Studies show that fraternal twins do run in the family through the female, who may have a genetic predisposition to release more than one egg.
Your likelihood of having fraternal twins is determined by genetics, race, age and children previously born. Mirror Twins are a subset of identical twins with opposite features – reflections of the other. Multiple pregnancies are typically classed as high risk but there are varying degrees of risk and it will depend on your individual case. Whether you have a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section depends on which way round the first baby is lying. Twins or multiple gestations carries a higher risk of complications during pregnancy and at the time of childbirth, yet a lot of women prefer multiple gestation or twins for a number of reasons. If you have a family history of twin pregnancies in your maternal side of the family, chances are higher that you are also carrying hyper-ovulating genes. The ratio of twin pregnancies is higher in African women when compared to Caucasian and other races. Although weight gain increases your chances of developing complications, it also increases your chances of a twin pregnancy.
Wild yams especially cassava are known to hyper-stimulate ovaries to release multiple eggs; thereby increasing the chances of twin pregnancy.
Dairy products increase the chances of hyper-ovulation and statistical data suggest that women who consume more milk based diets are 5 times more likely to develop multiple gestations. The chances of multiple gestations are higher in women over 35 to 40 years as suggested by clinical and research data. However, it has also been observed that folic acid increases the chances of twin pregnancy. Certain artificial methods of conception like in-vitro fertilization and Intracytoplasmic insemination enable healthcare providers to artificially implant more than one embryo in the uterine cavity.
A higher rate of twin pregnancies is reported in women who try to conceive soon after stopping birth control pills (attributed to hyper-stimulation of ovaries to release two or more eggs that may result in twin pregnancy following fertilization by sperms). Healthcare providers suggest that women who continue to breastfeed their babies have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins because of release of multiple eggs at the time of ovulation.
They were reputed for bringing down electricity bills in a market where the energy bills were getting higher. Impaired motor functioning, emotional problems, and cognitive ability are health problems caused even with low levels of exposure.

Mercury in the air can settle in water bodies and contaminate the water.It can fall down with rain, in dust or due to gravity and end up in a variety of water bodies.
The young adults between the age groups of 18 – 25 are at the cusp of intense changes on all fronts of existence and need answers. There are some topics and issues that the young adults would not discuss even with their peer group out the fear of being judged. The rest is attributed to the rise in average age at which women give birth (which is thought to impact the chances of fraternal twins).
The important thing is to get support from a breastfeeding counsellor if possible and make sure the positioning is right for you and your babies. Thought the chances of conceiving twin are usually genetically decided, there still many things that you can do to increase your odds of conceiving lovely twins. Igbo-Ora is a town in Africa that has the highest incidence of twin pregnancies that is attributed to their staple diet, consisting primarily of wild yams. Healthcare providers suggest that the fertility rate decreases as a woman age, marked by anovulatory cycles.
Although, chances are not always 100% that both embryos will survive, but it is still a reliable method with high success rate if caution is maintained.
The Chinese CFLs were more expensive than the normal tungsten bulbs but cheaper than the ones being manufactured by Indian companies.Most households replaced all their bulbs with CFL and laughed when the energy bills started coming down. It also transfers to fish consuming humans and is responsible for Neurodevelopmental disorders in human fetus due to utero exposure (Exposure in the womb) resulting in severe deformities. In an attempt to restore the cycle rhythm, pituitary gland increases the secretion of FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormone) that stimulates the ovary to release more eggs. The market started growing and the Indian manufacturers also brought down their prices suddenly making CFL affordable by all.
It is possible for twins to share a placenta, chorion and amniotic sac – or a combination, each with its own complications.
They develop their own personalities and differing environmental influences are believed to magnify or reduce the effect of specific genes. Facts checked and myths debunked – here is a starting point on understanding twin pregnancies. You might think that 4 – 5 mg of mercury might not be much but there is enough of mercury in one CFL bulb to contaminate 18,000 liters of water.

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