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The Crisis Pregnancy Center provides compassionate support and assistance to you and your family when facing an unexpected pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is extremely important that you are aware of your options regarding your pregnancy. You will be served without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability or circumstances.
You will receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, and related concerns. You will be directed to other appropriate resources that could support you in your time of crisis and supply you with additional help and information. All of our advertising and communications are honest and accurately describe the services we offer.
Our Banquet seating has sold out, please consider supporting our cause or effort with an online donation see donation tab. Raffle items, silent auction items, wine pull, and an oral auction with TV sports personality John Maino! Knowledgeable Spanish and English speaking Class Instructors with previous teaching experience are needed to teach classes on a quarterly basis. Volunteers are needed to meet with clients and offer guidance; facilitators are needed for continuing education classes, medical classes and support groups. The primary role of a Life League Advocate is simply building awareness about the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center within your circle of influence (i.e. Volunteer nurses, doctors, and sonographers are needed to help meet the needs of our expanding medical clinic and mobile sonogram unit. Medically trained women are needed to perform pregnancy tests and provide basic client education.
Experienced Sonographers are needed to provide external and internal early pregnancy sonograms to clients.
Prestonwood Pregnancy Center hosts several special events annually and can always use support setting up and tearing down. Our Mission Our mission at Prestonwood Baptist Church is to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible and to develop them in Christian living using the most effective means to impact the world, making an eternal difference in this generation.
One of the major concerns expectant mums have while pregnant regards the changes occurring in their bodies, particularly the tummy. Lower segment muscles form around a third of the uterus lower part and this weak muscle layer often has less supply of blood when compared to the upper part. Normally, the uterus leans toward the right side as the pregnancy progresses to its last stages. Belly aches and temporary sharp pains within the groin are all quite common during pregnancy.

We provide a warm and safe environment where you can come to get factual information in a confidential setting as you explore your options. Our volunteers are trained to listen, care, and provide accurate information to help educate you regarding your options and the documented outcomes you may expect from your choices. Client information is only disclosed as required by law and when necessary to protect the client or others against imminent harm. Around half a dozen local pregnant women were eager to be the first to obtain images of their unborn children when the company representative and staff members tried out the new machine at the Center.
The simple answer is that the previous black and white 2d or 2 dimensional length and width ultrasound images are now seen in 3 dimensions with depth, and a 4th dimension that is time.
Please note, our website requires JavaScript to be supported.Please contact us or click here for assistance. The Pregnancy Center is a separate nonprofit, providing free and confidential guidance, pregnancy tests, early pregnancy sonograms, educational classes and post-abortion support groups. This person informs each client about the result of their pregnancy test, issues the report of pregnancy and answers medically related client questions.
We could also use help from event designers for ideas, and floral designers to prepare centerpieces and bouquets for these events.
Implantation of the fertilized egg and development of the fetus all occur inside the uterus, making it a vital organ. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby will start to develop outside the pelvis, but still be small enough to fit in the pelvic area. At full term, the uterus will be quite large extending from your pubic area all the way to the lower part of your rib cage. In a pregnancy of 20 weeks, the uterus should be felt just below the navel and if you are over 20 weeks pregnant, the uterus should be above the navel.
During this stage, the uterus is held by the ligaments which also stretch as the baby develops. Our friendly and well-trained client advocates meet with clients individually to offer information and support both during and after an unplanned pregnancy. We currently offer classes in: Childbirth Preparation (Instructor needed) CPR (Instructor needed) First week of life with my baby Parenting Healthy Relationships Bible Basics Financial Management We are willing to add new classes if the right credentialed person presents themselves. Minimal commitment to volunteer twice per month for one year OR one Saturday per month Questions? This person will meet with the client (and oftentimes their significant other) in the sonogram room and share fetal development information as they provide the sonogram. Since the uterus holds the fetus as it develops into a baby, it’s natural that it should enlarge as the pregnancy progresses. The uterus which is located deep inside the pelvis will without a doubt enlarge from its normal small size and this experience is likened to blowing up a balloon.

When carrying multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets, development will occur sooner and stretching will be faster as well. In this stage, the uterus moves between the navel and breasts and starts to push other organs away from their normal location.
You should be able to feel your fundus at just 12 weeks pregnant and by the time you reach 24 weeks, your myometrium muscles should begin to stretch upwards. Usually, the cut is done on the lower segment just above the pubic hairline where there is less blood flow to prevent excessive bleeding. The ligaments act as anchors, supporting and stabilizing the uterus while facilitating movements inside the uterus.
If you have experience teaching another topic you think would be beneficial to our clients, we would love to hear from you!
Each Client Advocate receives in-depth training in order to discuss a variety of issues related to parenting, adoption, and abortion. Projects include: Mass mailing Data entry Digital scrap-booking Photography Story development Questions? During the entire pregnancy period, the uterus grows in size immensely and today we’ll look at the developments of uterus size during pregnancy. This causes tension within other surrounding muscles bringing about symptoms body aches and pains. You can move your hand around to feel the top of the uterus which is also referred to as the fundus.
This makes the upper part of your uterus thicker, leaving thinner muscle layers referred to as the lower segment below. Usually the uterus should be felt after 20 weeks because the measurements are not reliable before that. If the measurements are far apart from your number of weeks, you might want to discuss this with your doctor.
Before you meet with clients on your own, you will have opportunity to shadow a more experienced Client Advocate. Because PPC offers services in both Spanish and English, we always need of Client Advocates who are bilingual. Male volunteers will meet with the significant others of those who come for a pregnancy test.
Commitment to volunteer 1 shift (3-4 hours) per week for one year OR every other Saturday for one year Questions?

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