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Maternity clothes? No clothes yet, but I did purchase a DreamGenii Pillow to help me sleep better at night.
You basically straddle the end bit and sleep on the flat middle part while the back bit supports your back (that's actually REALLY comfortable!).
With the belly butter I also got these cool little pregnancy guides -- at first when I saw them I was totally confused as to how they work but now that I've figured it out I can't stop looking at them!
Food cravings: Still very boring in the cravings department -- I don't have any really crazy ones!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy but I still need to eat every 3 hours, like clockwork!
Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment this week (is it weird that I look forward to those?! VitalTouch Natalia Prenatal Instant Revitaliser -- rub this on your wrists & behind your ears for a refreshing geranium and citrus scent! I think its going to be a girl because when your having a baby girl the belly grows slower and the belly isnt that big and poped out as when you have a baby boy !

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