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Itchy breasts during pregnancy are one of the common symptoms observed in most pregnant women. In case you are suffering from itchy breasts during early pregnancy, you should ensure that you wear loose cotton clothing which does not irritate the skin further. Itchy Nipples When Pregnant Pregnancy is a period that brings about a number of changes in the expectant Breast Itching While Breastfeeding Breast itching while breast feeding is a common problem experienced by most mItchy Breasts In Third Trimester Itching and soreness of the breasts are common symptoms of pregnancy. A 30p multi-vitamin pill could more than double a womana€™s chance of having a baby, according to a study.It found that 60 per cent of those taking the supplements while undergoing IVF became pregnant compared to just a quarter who did not take them.
The study published in the journal Reproductive Biomedicine also found that women taking the micronutrients needed far fewer attempts to become pregnant. The particular pill, Vitabiotics Pregnacare-Conception,contains folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, selenium and some antioxidants.
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Itchy breasts during early pregnancy or even through the rest of the pregnancy are mostly experienced because of the various physical and hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman at various stages of the pregnancy.
Some women may also suffer from itchy breasts during pregnancy because they may have excessively dry skin.

A Researchers say the pills contain nutrients that may boost fertility such as vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium, that are often absent from our diets.A  The study carried out at University College London involved 56 women aged 18 to 40, who had all tried unsuccessfully to fall pregnant using IVF for at least a year.
In fact red itchy breasts and nipples during early pregnancy are known to occur on account of the increased sensation around the nipples which may also make the breasts sore and sensitive to touch. This can be avoided by ensuring that you drink plenty of water and juices so as to keep yourself well hydrated at all times.
A Half were given a multi-nutrient pill to take every day and the other half given folic acid pills to take daily. A Lead researcher Dr Rina Agrawal said: 'The implications of this study are far reaching as they suggest that prenatal micronutrient supplementation in women undergoing ovulation induction improve pregnancy rates. Itchy breasts during the third trimester may also act as an indication that the breasts are preparing themselves for lactation post delivery.  In order to get relief from itchy breasts and nipples during pregnancy, you could apply some cocoa butter, almond oil or even some olive oil, as they help in moisturizing the skin and in maintaining its suppleness. Another one of the natural treatments to gain relief from itchy breasts and nipples during early pregnancy is to take an oatmeal bath by soaking oneself in a tub that has been filled with oatmeal paste.
The micronutrient pill also contained folic acid which prevents birth defects and has also been shown to help boost fertility.The team found that 60 per cent of women taking the multi-nutrients fell pregnant, and did not miscarry in the first three months when it is most common. In most cases itchy breasts during pregnancy are not a cause for concern, however, they are known to cause a lot of discomfort to the mother.

In some cases, applying coconut oil on your skin is also known to provide relief from itchy breasts. A This compared to 25 per cent of women in the group taking folic acid who were still pregnant after three months. Women suffering from itchy breasts during pregnancy should ensure that they do not use lotions, perfumes or soaps that have too many chemicals or that are strongly scented, as this may further irritate the breasts.
In some cases women who are nursing their baby may also suffer from a medical condition known as ‘mastitis’ which results in dry and chapped nipples that could also be very painful. In order to prevent itchy breasts during pregnancy, woman should ensure that they maintain good hygiene and keep their breasts clean.
This will prevent the possibility of a bacterial or fungal infection that could result in red itchy breasts.

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