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Types of Prenatal VitaminsPrenatal vitamins are essential for the growth and development of the fetus. Best-Prenatal-Vitamins-for-Pregnancyprenatal vitamins for pregnancy help boost the mother's ability to withstand the course and nature of gestation.
Online Pregnancy Quizpregnancy quiz is a tool to assist the need of a woman to ascertain the possibility of pregnancy. What-IS-IUICheaper but less effective than IVF, the IUI treatment can be the first option in the treatment of infertility.
Pregnancy after Tubal Litigationpregnancy after tubal ligation happens only, when a woman decides to undergo a reversal operation. Is There an Abortion Pillabortion pill is a pharmaceutical product that can effectively terminate a growing fetus inside the pregnant mother's womb.
How to Test Fertility in WomenFertility tests can be done at home or in the presence of a doctor.
What Causes Infertility in WomenInfertility in women involves a problem in the hormonal and reproductive functions. What Causes Infertility in MenInfertility in men is common to those with stress, infection or abnormalities in their reproductive function. Infertility-Treatments-for-MenInfertility in Men can be easily treated with healthy eating. What-Causes-InfertilityAging, Stress and unhealthy lifestyle are the leading causes of infertility in adults. Diseases and Disorders that Can Cause InfertilityCertain disorders in both men and women can lead to infertility. Nutrition During Pregnancy and LactationNutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation is very important for the health of your baby. Dietary considerations during Pregnancy and LactationDiet during pregnancy and lactation should be chosen carefully as it is responsible for your child's health.
Things-to-Help-you-Get-PregnantSay no to certain things and yes to others, to increase the chances of pregnancy.
Chinese-Remedies-for-InfertilityChinese medication is renowned for its treatment of infertility. Ovulation Predictor KitsOvulation Prediction can help ascertain the right time to get pregnant. Tips on Getting PregnantGetting pregnant can be very easy if you follow the important cues. Fertility-and-Pregnancy-after-40Fertility and chances of pregnancy reduces drastically once a woman reaches 40 years. Risks of Being pregnant Over 40Being pregnant Over 40 and delivering a baby has its own risks. What is Birth Control Used forBirth control methods are basically used to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, but hey have their other uses also. All about Birth Control PillsWhen it comes to contraceptive pill women want the one that is the most effective but sometimes it’s all about how they use them.
Types of Birth Control for WomenThe two major types of birth control methods are based on how they work: hormonal methods and non-hormonal methods.
Preventing Stretch Marks During PregnancyStretch marks appear in most women during pregnancy and you will probably try to prevent them or erase them later.
Ultrasound for PregnancyUltrasound scan can help doctors identify possible problems and give some precious details about the developing baby in the womb. Pregnancy After MenopauseMenopause usually comes in your 50s, sometimes earlier but it marks the end of natural pregnancies although you can conceive thanks to IVF treatment. Morning Sickness and Its RemediesDuring the first semester pregnant women experience nausea often associated with vomiting.
What Is IVF and How Does It WorkIVF is a fertilization treatment that requires adequate preparation before going through all the major steps of the process.
Can Birth Control Stop PregnancyCombination of sexual intercourse with birth control can prevent pregnancy, while the reverse is also true.
What is surrogate motherThere can be a traditional surrogate mother or a gestational surrogate mother.

What is surrogate motherhoodParting with the child, once it is born is the most difficult part of being a surrogate mother.
What is SurrogacySurrogacy is a term used more often to describe the practice of serving as a substitute for a woman who can't carry a pregnancy. Can Folic Acid Help You Get PregnantThe folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy as it can prevent neural tube defects and improve fertility.
Most Accurate Home Pregnancy TestsTesting early for pregnancy might be normal when you are eager to know if you are pregnant or not but it might not be very accurate. Pregnancy Blood TestPregnancy Blood Test can tell about the health of your baby in the womb. If you can’t wait anymore to find out whether you are pregnant or not and you’ve become impatient that’s easy to understand, especially when you are expecting a certain result. Also known as pregnancy serum test, the pregnancy blood test is meant to measure the amount of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood to determine if you are pregnant. The quantitative test measures the exact amount of hCG in your blood therefore it can offer an estimate of how far the pregnancy  has progressed.
If a urine test will display best results one day after a missed period which is 2 weeks after conception, a blood test can show positive result within 7-12 days after conception. The blood tests are not meant only for detecting pregnancy, they are also used for screening during the pregnancy. The qualitative test will only tell you if you are pregnant or no as it is showing only if the hormone is present in the blood.
But the quantitative test can be more useful as it measures the quantity of hCG in the blood. This test is also used to diagnose and detect abnormal pregnancies such as molar pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages or even Down syndrome. In case you experienced problems like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies in the past the doctor might want to monitor your hCG level closely. This test could also detect abnormal conditions that could raise the level of hCG other than pregnancy. High blood pressure is a serious concern during pregnancy, especially for women who have chronic hypertension. During pregnancy, chronic hypertension can worsen, especially if you develop preeclampsia in addition to chronic hypertension. One indicator of a high-risk pregnancy includes certain chronic medical problems, such as high blood pressure.
High-risk pregnancies typically need expert advice and the care of a healthcare specialist. In addition, you may be referred to a perinatal care center, before delivery, to lessen the likelihood your baby may become ill.
It is possible to have chronic hypertension and go on to have a healthy baby.  However, chronic hypertension has the possibility of a number of adverse effects on your developing baby.
Although there is no cure for chronic hypertension, there are ways to successfully manage your condition when pregnant. Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors. The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you.
Pregnant women have an increased risk of developing blood clots, and now a new study shows this risk remains elevated for at least 12 weeks after delivering a baby — twice as long as previously thought.
The study included more than 1.6 million women who gave birth at California hospitals between 2005 and 2010. If people experience symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling or pain in one leg or sudden severe headache, they should seek medical attention, Kamel said. The risk of blood clots rises during pregnancy because of an increase in the hormone estrogen and changes in blood-clotting factors. What makes one couple particularly fertile, while another struggles for months or years to get pregnant is, in many cases, a mystery. In this case you might want to have a blood pregnancy test as it is more accurate and can detect pregnancy earlier than a urine test.

The blood test can detect smaller amounts of hCG therefore it can be taken earlier than a urine test.
And it cannot offer any estimation of gestation because it is not measuring the exact level of hCG. Unlike the urine pregnancy test that you can take at home, the blood pregnancy test has to be taken at the doctor’s office. Therefore a quantitative blood test can help the doctors determine the exact age of the fetus. The hCG level doubles every 2 days in the early days of pregnancy and if it does not rise appropriately there might be a problem.
Chronic hypertension refers to high blood pressure which is already present before pregnancy. This gives your healthcare provider an opportunity to see if your high blood-pressure is under control and review your medications. If this happens, you may develop complications such as congestive heart failure, vision changes, stroke, seizures, and kidney or liver problems.
Therefore, even if your chronic high blood pressure is under control before you are pregnant, you may later develop preeclampsia, as well. Therefore, since you already have hypertension and have become pregnant, your pregnancy is automatically classified as high risk. You will most likely see a perinatologist—- an obstetrician who specializes in the care of high-risk pregnancies. Usually, these centers work together with obstetricians and a newborn intensive care unit to provide the best care for you and your baby. Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. Of these women, about 1,000 women had a blood clot, including some who suffered a stroke, heart attack or deep vein thrombosis from their clot. The risk remained about 11 times higher than normal during the first six weeks after delivery, and 2.2 times higher than normal seven to 12 weeks after delivery. After delivering the baby, hormone levels eventually go back to normal over the following months. For example, being obese, being treated for cancer, and having heart or lung disease can increase a person's risk for blood clots. And though infertility is often due to factors that are entirely out of a couple's control, more and more research suggests that, in some cases, certain lifestyle factors, like sleep and diet, can make a difference.
For that the doctor will use a quantitative blood test to be able to detect any problem in time. It also includes high blood pressure which develops before 20 weeks of pregnancy, or lasts for longer than 12 weeks after giving birth. If you were diagnosed with hypertension before becoming pregnant, you may be wondering how this will affect your pregnancy, or even if you should become pregnant at all.
If you have chronic hypertension, you are more likely to develop preeclampsia, but it does not necessarily mean you will.
Perinatologists give expert care to women who have pre-existing medical conditions, as well as women who develop complications during pregnancy.
One study found that women who do shift work (working outside of the typical 8 to 6 framework) may have disrupted menstrual cycles and reduced fertility, while another found that getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night was linked with the best outcomes among patients undergoing IVF.
Also, should you develop preeclampsia, your doctor may recommend inducing labor before your due date to prevent further pregnancy complications.
In terms of nutrition, one preliminary study suggested that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome hoping to conceive may benefit from eating a large breakfast and a smaller dinner in order to help with insulin levels, which can affect hormones. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Blood test pregnancies are more expensive than home pregnancy tests or urine pregnancy tests.

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