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There are over 600 known blood types which makes paternity testing far more accurate today than in 1940 when only 4 blood types had been discovered. Just like there are different major blood groups, such as type A and type B blood, there's also an Rh factor group.
Knowing your baby's blood type might not seem important right now, but having this knowledge can help in many situations -- from childhood emergencies all the way to parenthood! One of the most startling scientific discoveries from the human genome project is that two hundred fifty out of our twenty five thousand human genes have no evolutionary basis whatsoever.
Since RH negative blood hasn’t followed the original evolutionary path, it must have been introduced from an outside source. It’s easy to impinge our own astronauts someday encountering intelligent life forms in space, who will view us as their gods.
Why on earth would the sumerians and other ancient civilizations make up the same lies about our human origins? There were twelve space bound astronauts who’s crippled ship crash landed in the Atlantic Ocean off of gibraltar. Greek mythology is really the disguised history of the ancient astronauts of Atlantis who were described by the ancients as heavy, muscular eight foot-tall giants. Enki was the sumerian equivalent of the greek god poseidon and conducted experiments with the most advanced species on earth, apes and monkeys. Poseidon was so pleased with the human hybrids that he had engineered, that he matted with the chosen female named clayto and built a palace for her on top of a hill near the center of the island.
There is no possession more prize to the royal families of europe than their genealogy charts, they treasure them above all else. From the sumerians, hebrews, greeks and other cultures we learned that the gods created humans in their own image.
World Leaders Will Be In Recess During Elenin Alignment on September 26-27, 2011 The Most Powerful Freemasons Ever Bullet-Hole Art At The DIA? Apart from being badly-written and full of spelling errors, what is the real point of this flogged-ad-infinitum story?
These can determine many things from genetic disorders to blood sugar levels and your baby's blood type. Because DNA testing is expensive, many couples choose to first compare the baby's blood type to mom's and dad's.
Just like two blue-eyed parents can only have a blue-eyed child, parents with O blood type can only have a baby with blood type O type. What that means is that two hundred and fifty of our genes are not shared with any other terrestrial life form. The monkey gene is called the rhesus factor our RH factor because it can be traced back to the rhesus monkey.
Two celebrated authors, Erick Von Danigan and Zachariah Stichen have uncovered convincing evidence that the outside source was ‘ancient astronauts’ which genetically engineered the human race! Many of the ancient texts talk about gods who came to Earth from the heavens and created man in their own image. The real question that needs answering, is why are the corporate religions of the world hiding the truth from us? The astronauts found themselves cast back into the stone age with the daunting task of rebuilding their civilization and reinventing science.
They also traveled at wonder speeds, possessed eminence weapons and had supernatural powers!
The first hybrid slave can be dated to around two hundred thousand B.C, with further experimentation the gods genetically engineered homo sapiens. The charts are their pedigree paper which traced their royal blood lines back to their divine roots. The hebrew god of the bible is called elohim which means more than one god, he says: Let us make men in our image after our likeness.
I could write about 50 PhD theses arguing, refuting, refining, talking, expanding, correcting, about what you are stating in this incredible rave. The thing is, there is no thinking, no debating, no raising any issues, and least of all no thinking outside the world of the Bible, no matter what that book is all there is.
Sometimes it's determined at birth from the cord blood and other times when the newborn screen is performed. Keep in mind that the blood test results aren't able to pinpoint who the exact father is but they can tell who isn't the biological "dad." Here are two examples. According to Danigan, the proof lies in the breathtaking sculptures that were developed by extraterrestrial visitors or by humans who had been taught the advanced scientific knowledge needed to build them.

The Egyptians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Aztecs, Aryans, Syrians, and the inhabitants of the ancient Indian Tibet have all recorded the arrival of gods from the heavens in their ancient writing.
Plato described Atlantis as a flourishing civilization, populated by humans, gods and demigods. They loved, they sinned, they fought battles and had life spans of over a couple thousands of years! For the past few decades molecular biologists have been examining and mapping the human DNA which has thirty five thousand genes consisting of over three billion chemical bases. Clayto gave birth to five sets of twin boys, eventually he divided atlantis into ten districts which was ruled by all ten of his demigod sons. Over a decade the royal families have persevered the purity and divine powers of their bloodline by interbreeding exclusively within royal power circles.
People have the right to believe how they what, and I respect that, but the question is, what are they believing in. There was not enough stone to write over 600 laws the Jews went by, so I guess he chose the 10 that he thought would work the best. While you might not put this information on a birth announcement, it's among the most vital things to remember about your child! If by change your blood type tests negative for the monkey gene, you are in a small minority of only 15% of the worlds population! Such artifacts include the hedge-stone, the statues of Easter Island, and the Egyptian pyramids. The best place to get answers about who these gods were is from the oldest known records written by the oldest known civilization, the sumerians. Beyond the city laid a fertile plain which was was three hundred and thirty miles long which was surrounded by majestic mountains with villages, lakes, rivers and meadows.
According to the betas of ancient India, the gods were all members of one large but not necessarily peaceful family. It turns out that ninety seven percent of our DNA is Junk DNA with no known use or function!
For generations humans lived among the gods and the demigods and multiplied in great numbers, they lived simple virtue lives as laborers and slowly they began to change as greed, power and sexual immorality corrupted them. In all of the ancient literature, the gods are described as having supernatural powers, advanced knowledge and advanced technology. Your dish might contain equal amounts of garlic and paprika, but you'll only notice the garlic. Why did so many ancient cultures, with no way of communication with each other worship these so called ‘gods’ and illustrate them in their artwork as astronauts with space vehicles? They created us through genetic engineering, they jumped the gun on evolution and made us look like them physically and to be like them emotionally. The idea that flesh and blood, walking talking gods lived side by side with ancient humans is hard to swallow for some. Rivalries between family members split up the gods in two warring factions; the olympian gods and the older generation of titan gods.
Failing any other explanation for this shocking revelation, scientists are now conferring the notion that our genetic code was written by an extraterrestrial programmer who wrote two versions of our genetic code; A big code and a basic code.
To determine a suitable punishment, Zeus gathered them but in the sumerian accounts the gods decreed that a flood would sweep over the occult centers to destroy the corrupt seed of humans and demigods. She is thought to have type HR negative blood which is believed to be the bloodline of the aline and Anunnaki race.
Back to your baby's blood -- A and B are both dominant over O, which means a child who receives an A blood type allele from the father and an O allele from the mother will have an A blood type. The Sumerians documented the arrival of gods from another world who brought with them advance knowledge. Sitchen goes one step further, he suggests that these gods are ancient astronauts inter-grad with the human females they created; the bibles book of genesis agrees. After a fierce ten year battle, the olympians lead by Zeus and poseidon overthrew the titans. Our so called Junk DNA is a hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code, it’s a clever self-organizing auto executing, auto developing and auto correction software! The March 18th, 1985 issue of time magazine confirmed that prince charles blood type is in fact RH negative! They are described with a dual nature and their dark-side is chilling, they are competitive, terrorizing, vengeful, punishful, power-hungry, egotistical, jealous, murderous, selfish, and bloodthirsty. Because for thousands of years we have been deeply indoctrinated with the religious belief in the existence of only one invisible all-powerful god.

Zeus seized the thrown of power but his younger half-brother poseidon challenged his authority. They are also willing to sacrifice parents, children, siblings or anything that moves for the thrill of power.
What planet, galaxy, universe or dimension did these sons of god, who seeded human life come from? The facts show that our genetic programer purposely disabled the big code and only left us to exist on only three percent of our own DNA! Seventy two thousand references to the flood are found in ancient writings from all over the world!
The disease is caused by mixing the iron based hemoglobin of humans with the copper based blood of royals.
The hebrew god of the bible admits to being a jealous type god and warns humans if they are foolish enough to put any god before him, he will destroy them! Studies were done to see if there’s any difference between RH negative and RH positive people. The tablets clearly identified the name of the god who genetically engineered the human race, his name was Anki. The serpent god ruled atlantis and the atlantic region and Zeus would rule muloria and the pacific region.
Like a broken radio dialogue which is stuck only on one station instead of roaming amount thousands of stations and frequencies.
Tablet three of the act hasses epic describes what happened next, in volition of this oath of secrecy poseidon warned of noah of the coming flood that would destroy humanity. Since the two don’t mix, laws were introduced to ban marriages between royals and commoners. He has a pathological need to be worshipped by humans through animal and even human sacrifice. The story of how the gods created humans is found in the actra houses epic, written in the eighteenth century B.C. He instructed him to dismantle his house, build a roof on it, seal the upper and lower deck shut with bittmen. Everyone knows that copper turns blueish green when is oxidizes, that’s why the copper based blood of the royalty is rumored to be blue in color! In numbers twenty five; he kills twenty four thousand people of his people with the plague. RH negative people had a higher than average IQ, sensitive vision, a lower body temperature, increased sensitivity to heat in sunlight, they cant receive blood transfusions from RH positive donors, they have reddish hair and blue, green or hazel eyes! The entwined serpents represent the double helix of the human DNA and this same symbol is used by today’s medical profession.
The epic was written on clay tablets and describes the toial of the lower gods, digging canals and rebuilding a new civilization.
There are about two hundred and fifty unique human genes which are not found in any lower species.
One doesn’t have to look far to find symbols of the divine worship and ancestry of the royal blue bloods.
He views humans who he created in his own image as evil, flawed and sinful and demands that we remain ignorant!
After three thousand and six hundred years of hard labor, they threw down their tools and rebelled. According to genesis, noah was six hundred years old at the time of the flood which indicates that he was a demigod and therefor the offspring of poseidon.
The british families gold carriage features the giant sized ancestral serpentine poseidon riding on the back of it adorned in gold carrying a trident. The console of the higher gods met and decided that a slave race would be genetically engineered to do the labor for them. It’s no coincidence that the trident carried by the serpent god poseidon is also carried by satan!
Finally he seeks to destroy his sinful human creations in a flood but it shows his ineptitude when they managed to survive. There is no reason whatsoever to tell the truth of the ancient sumerian records which describes human-like gods living and walking side by side with humans, nor is there any reason to doubt similar evidence from hebrews, ancient mayans, chaldeans, aztecs, aryans, syrians, greeks, and the habitants of ancient indian tibet.

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