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You may have gained a couple of pounds by now -- or if you have morning sickness, you may have lost a couple. Constipation is not uncommon during pregnancy, and may occur because the hormones of pregnancy relax the bowel and slow your digestive system.
As long as you feel good and stay healthy, exercise will make your pregnancy more enjoyable and will speed your recovery after childbirth. Drink plenty of water, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise as often as you can, at least every other day. Exercise will help you feel better physically and emotionally, gain less weight, have an easier labor and bounce back more quickly after your baby is born.

You may want to begin by taking a moderately brisk walk for 15-20 minutes three times a week. You're sure to find a lot of information and interesting tidbits from real moms -- right here! Sign-in to access your profile and learn about the changes your baby is going through today!
Get day-by-day updates about your baby's progress, store notes, log doctors appointments and more. You may be plagued by constipation, fatigue, the need for frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate, and nausea.

If you were exercising regularly before your pregnancy, you may find that you need to make only a few modifications to your regime. If you still have problems with constipation, try using a simple fiber laxative like Metamucil, Citracil or Fibercon.
If that doesn't help, as your healthcare provider about using a glycerine suppository on occasion.

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