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Item #5001P The Pregnancy & Birth chart presents a detailed overview of the process from conception to birth.
We are a market preferred manufacturer, supplier and exporter of knowledge enhancing Human Physiology Charts. Find out about the long and complex period of growth, which turns a primitive ball of cells into a fully developed human.
Ovaries and the Ovarian cycle: Women are born with their entire stocks of eggs, or ova, in place. Cell division: Within just a few hours of fertilisation the zygote will begin dividing itself and by the time it reaches the uterus, four days later, it has become a solid mass of hundreds of cells, called a morula. Implantation: Around six days after ovulation, the blastocyst will release a hormone to help it bury itself into the lining of the uterus. Gender: The X and Y chromosomes, just two of the 46 that make up a baby, determine its gender.
This is the beginning of a long and complex period of growth, turning a primitive ball of cells into a fully developed human. Appearance: The being that was a cluster of cells has now become prawn?shaped, and is about 4 millimetres long, and weighs less than a gram. The cells that make up the embryo are moving to their correct places and rapidly multiplying to form a more recognisable baby?shaped being.
The baby’s brain grows larger in this month, and the cells and fibres become fully functioning. Strong movements are now possible from fully coordinated limbs, but these movements are becoming more constricted, as there is less space in the womb. The previous 2 nights I had terrible pain in my lower belly and a total of 4hrs sleep for both nights.
Dr L once again agreed to the a€?gentle caesareana€? which we went over the elements that were important to me. I had come to terms with the possibility of a c-section weeks before, but this was something I wasna€™t prepared for. The overall structure of the female reproductive system is illustrated with smaller images showing the zygote stages. These charts provide proper detail on physiology of human beings in a understandable manner.
There are approximately 2 million ova present at birth, and they are either released or degenerate over the woman’s fertile life. It takes place in the outer part of the Fallopian tube, generally within one day of ovulation. The outer cells will begin joining with the small blood vessels in the uterus to form the placenta (afterbirth). The eggs that are released every month carry only X chromosomes, while sperm carry both X and Y chromosomes.
Developments are beginning to take place, hair and skin is beginning to grow, and the feet and legs are beginning to grow, with the arms and hands growing at a faster rate. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking about their latest vacations, somebodya€™s new pet and not once was I addressed. If Dr L couldna€™t or didna€™t want to do the gentle cesarean, then she should have said so. The charts under this category are made on topics like Muscles, The Skeleton, Blood Circulation etc. The ovarian cycle is a woman’s reproductive cycle, lasting about 28 days, or one lunar month.

Only one sperm, out of the millions that are expelled, will actually penetrate the membrane covering the ovum. Meanwhile, the inner cells begin to develop to form the embryo and the adjoining membranes. These eggs, if fertilised by different sperm, have their own placenta and develop side by side within the uterus. An egg fertilised by an X chromosome carrying sperm will become a girl (XX) baby, while an egg fertilised by a Y chromosome will become a baby boy (XY). The details of the body are developing; the finger and toe nails are in place and the genitals are beginning to grow, meaning that the gender of the baby is determinable from an ultrasound scan. The brain is capable of passing and receiving messages, but does not yet control the movements made by the now fully formed limbs. The baby also has a primitive immune system in place that can defend against some infections. I also had plenty of pressure from family members that were pushing me to fall in line with Dr La€™s plan.
Her nurse came in and I had a little giggle that he looked just like Alton Brown from the Food Network. I just kept expecting them to ask where we had vacationed last or how many dogs we still have.
Each trimester is shown graphically with an overall view and a close-up view of the developing fetus.
At about 14 days before the end of the cycle, an ovum (or egg) is released from one of the ovaries. Once this occurs the surface of the zygote (the fertilised egg) changes, making it impossible to be penetrated by any other sperm. Reflexes are also beginning to develop; the sucking, breathing and swallowing mechanisms are being rehearsed for life outside the womb. The lungs are developing in more and more detail, and breathing is practiced so the reflex is well rehearsed for the time that air is passed through them. The swallowing and sucking reflexes already in place are further rehearsed in preparation for life outside the womb, as is the breathing.
To make it easy for the visualizer, these charts are provided with appropriate images which relate topic.
Women have two egg?releasing organs, called ovaries, which release eggs alternately every month. The second way that a multiple birth can occur is when a single, egg, fertilised by one sperm, divides and develops into two embryos.
The internal organs are beginning to form, and the heart, still tiny, beats very fast, at up to twice the rate of the mother’s.
The umbilical cord is now fully mature, and the flow of nutrients and oxygenated blood from mother to baby, and the flow of waste products from baby to mother are now fully functioning. The eyes are beginning to take on more detail, the eyebrows and lashes are growing, and the insides of the eyes are sensitive to light. The nurse holding me thought that a good topic to talk about to distract me would be working out. So I kept asking a€?sooo, whata€™s going on over therea€? and the response was a€?still going through layersa€?. This egg travels down the fallopian tubes into the uterus and begins to grow, releasing progesterone into its environment.
Once the embryo is fully embedded, another set or hormones are released to trigger a number of changes.

The baby is also able to make quite strong movements, although the mother will not feel these until a little later in the pregnancy.
It is called meconium, and is a darkly coloured substance that is passed by the baby either during or after birth. These changes occur to make the woman’s body suitable for carrying the embryo safely. Triplets or larger numbers of multiple embryos are formed in one of these two ways, and will either be identical or not, depending on the form of conception. The cells that make up the embryo begin to prepare themselves to form specific parts of the body, both internal and external.
The placenta is still fully active at this time, and the hormones being produced are still causing reactions in mother and baby.
They do this all day everyday and forget that this is a momentous, once in a lifetime occasion for us.
My hubby had to take care of me AND the boys a€“ but that is another post all in ita€™s own. If the egg is not fertilised, it is shed with the lining of the uterus as the period begins.
One hormone causes not only the mother’s breasts to produce milk, but also causes a swelling of the breasts of the baby, whether male or female.
The anaesthesiologist came in and I told her that I wanted my doula in the room to take pictures. They dona€™t think of how terrifying it must be to be stuck on a table, naked, with the epidural making it so I cana€™t feel my chest and Ia€™m wondering if Ia€™m still breathing. Two minutes after E came into this world, M was out, screaming, and was promptly handed to a nurse.
Once this hormone stops affecting a female baby, she may bleed lightly, in a similar way to a period, a few days after birth.
How much one needs to be reassured that everything is going great, as you hope and pray that your babies will be ok.
Ia€™m guessing they werena€™t a€?walked outa€? and I know the cord cutting wasna€™t delayed and I KNOW they werena€™t handed to me first thing.
It takes about 30min to a€?put everything back ina€? and I didna€™t want to not have pics of the first 30min of their life! Seeing and hearing my boys on the other side of the room coupled with feeling violated a€“ a feeling so instinctual came over me. I needed MY boys, and all I could do about it was reach for them and beg for them to leave them alone, not to clean them, and to bring them to me. She looked a little stunned and once again said no, I repeated my new mantra a€?thata€™s fine, I can sit in this room all daya€?.
By the time they were brought to me, the only skin to skin that was possible was their cheek on mine. She agreed that once the babies were out, that my doula could come in, I took the compromise.

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