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It is normally assumed that women do not get pregnant after tubal ligation but this is not the case. It is certain that the chances of getting pregnant even after tubal ligation are limited but if your period becomes weeks late then you could really get pregnant. Women opt for tubal ligation after considering it as a permanent decision but you will wonder that it is still possible to conceive after this form of birth control.
The second option is that of in vitro fertilization which like the first option has low success rate which is between 10-25%. These women are given doses of female hormones to increase the production of several eggs in one cycle and this forms the reason behind the ovarian cancer.
Even if any one of the option is adopted, the women produces several eggs when hormones are given to them.

Certain women conceived accidentally even after getting tubal ligation done as the remedy to this problem is by cutting, tying and burning the ends of the fallopian tubes. The success rate of this option is highly dependent upon the age of the woman, the technique adopted for ligation, tubal length after rejoining and if one or both the tubes are rejoined.
Moreover, the success rates are very low in women in whom it is found that the tubes have been burned.
As this option is not performed on enough women the studies are yet not clear n this topic. These eggs are removed from the body through a needle and then fertilized outside the body and then implanted back in the womb.
The cancer is caused in women who are trying to opt for pregnancy twenty to thirty years after tubal ligation.

If this procedure gets successful there are high chances of multiple births which pose many health related risks to the mother as well as the child.
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