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This post is about the reality of being happy with your body, because you’re healthy, and for that reason alone.
That said, I specifically request you not bombard the comments of this post with suggestions on how to tighten my skin with bone broth, improve imperfections you see or discuss anything other than acceptance of ourselves. What matters is the person you are, the person you intend to be, it is the joy you share with the world and what you give back that creates your beauty. No matter what I look like (or have looked like), the love my spouse has for me makes him weep. Thus he, my best friend, is unable to understand how when I sit among these ladies in the moment these picture were snapped my thoughts were about how much I would stick out and look unhealthy, while representing a health movement. From something as essential as the ability to embrace people I care about, my body size affects that. I’ve been reminded by some pretty smart women lately (thanks Stefani, Hayley, Liz and Diane) that emotions, even chemically driven ones, can be managed in your brain. I am fortunate to have a spouse who supported my journey and still finds me, all of me, sexy and attractive. Thanks to Bill Stayley, Henry Fong and Aimee Buxton for some of the photos used in this post.
Absolutely beautiful post Stacy…you gave me goosebumps and made me get all teary and smudged! As a man who has lost weight and is losing weight, I also have major issues with body acceptance. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your bravery in sharing such personal thoughts and images. Normally I don’t consider it a good thing to start my week by tearing up on a Monday morning…but this post is amazing, and YOU are amazing! Since I received my PCOS diagnosis, I now understand why my weight has always been a struggle.
After feeling like I was incompetent and a fraud for years, I now believe that my struggles have became a very important asset providing me with understanding and compassion. I understand the whole body image thing, I lost 185 pounds recently and I am still struggling with it. My husband says no matter what a perfect body or pretty face a woman has, it can’t make up for a bad attitude or meanness, or paralyzing insecurity which makes them act crazy.
I too have issues with my body and I wholeheartedly agree with you if I could see in me what my husband can see I would always be joyful.
Barbies exist for female imaginative play, after all.  But we need not be ideal to be beautiful.
No one is physically perfect, but we can have confidence in who we are to bring out the best in ourselves.

My body was so confused when all that stopped, then it got hit with a huge whack of stress with our book launch at the same time.
Because we are connected, we are in a partnership, we grow together and work towards being the best for ourselves and the family that we can. This is is what happens when you lose and gain and lose several hundred pounds inside half a decade. If you think certain thoughts and develop habits to support a positive attitude, then you can change your own mental balance. But the first things for me to do are to refocus on positivity in my own life, as well as continue to dial in my nutrition and stress management. I encourage each of you to forgive yourself, embrace joy and develop a strategy to find self peace and love in your future. Not 5 minutes before I posted this I read the post that Bill and Hayley put up about the barn feast (my favorite event of all time). God bless you on your continued journey and, yes, you have taken me to a place where I have been avoiding and I can see the light through you.
My hate for my body often gets me in a negative spiral in which I sabotage my health… Long story and I am working on that, but I just want to say thank you Stacy. Your ‘one step closer to accepting yourself’ will become two steps, and three steps and so on and so on!
I will bookmark this and come back to it any time I struggle with my own doubts about my body and my self-image, and I know many others will as well.
While most other dietitians are all skinny and appear to have perfect bodies, I have always been 20-30 lbs overweight. My goal is now to empower other women by adopting a way of eating that truly nourish their body and mind. A woman can be physically imperfect, but very attractive when she is joyful, fun, and happy with herself.
Your story made me cry happy tears for you and your husband:) very inspiring, I respect your decision to keep your skin, I will be honest and tell you you are a stronger person than I. They look at you with complete adoration and compliment you while you proclaim yourself bloated with bad hair and zits. I need to admit how I feel, why I feel it and use that confession as the foundation to move on.
And despite the fact that pants never fit me because designers don’t plan for extra lower abdominal skin, or the fact that I only feel comfortable wearing Spanx every day, I am learning to embrace this skin, these stretchmarks, as being as beautiful and sexy as the healthful changes they represent. It is, without a doubt, the most important thing in my life right now and I thank you all for joining me on this journey of utmost significance.
The following three years have been a progressive journey with a mission to educate people about nourishing their bodies by eating real foods.

We women are plagued with so many hormonal issues, sometimes WE will feel happy and in control, but our bodies are sending another signal, its like an internal battle with ones self. I thank you for your post and I hope we both conquer the emotional so we can achieve the rest of our physical.
Your bravery gives me, and im sure many others, more courage to be authentic and to focus on what is truly important, which can sometimes be a daily struggle. I myself have had implants and a tummy tuck at age 26 after only losing and gaining around 100lbs. Please know that you are one gorgeous woman, and your husband is lucky to hold you in his arms every night. Good luck to you on your journey to healing and wellness, you have already come so far, and the sky is the limit! Then I hit my mid 30’s, re-married a man who is a good cook, stopped smoking and within 3 years I weighed 205! You have lived so much, and I am in awe of your willingness to share and to work towards your self acceptance. Props to him as well, as he must be one smart mother trucker to not give you up over something as silly as skin! I also have 3 kids, who I have nursed…boy, no one tells you things wont just bounce back after do they?
Because when you strive for wellness, it is then your skin clears, your bloating diminishes, your hormones balance to an emotional ideal and the true, best you shines forth. Breastfeeding itself produced oxytocin, which provided additional feelings of happiness each time Wesley would nurse.
It’s been an emotional battle to figure out how I feel about that change, how I want to perceive myself and the new reality. Thank you so much for this post (and all of the other wonderful posts you and Matt have written). But in the last 2-3 years, I’ve learned to just love and accept me just the way I am.
This is my call to all women I can reach that we have nothing to be ashamed of; we create our own standards of beauty. I guess what I’m trying to say is my mindset and thought process has really changed over the last 3 or so years. Be proud of the amazing, confident woman that you have become I applaud youf or sharing your story and your pictures!

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