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These days a lot of women prefer to have babies after the age of thirty five so that they can strengthen their careers by that time.
For women who are planning to get pregnant after the age of thirty five are often advised to go through certain tests so that the doctors can figure out the possibility of abnormal chromosomal structure in the baby. The risk for premature deliveries is quite high in these cases and proper care has to be taken by the mother, if she is carrying twins or triplets.
Pregnancy over 35 comes with its own share of risks and complications and women who are planning to conceive at this age should try to acquaint themselves with the same, so that they can have a healthy pregnancy.
Amniocentesis is a test which is carried out generally between the sixteenth to the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Problems related to high blood pressure and diabetes is quite common amongst women who plan to conceive after the age of thirty five.
At times, genetic abnormalities might develop in babies born to mothers after the age of thirty five. This test is done by drawing the amniotic fluid from the womb and then the fluid is tested for the presence of any abnormalities. Therefore regular check up is advisable for them so that the doctor can monitor the fluctuations, if any in their conditions. Today giving birth to a baby after the age of thirty five is very common and by following all the instructions given by the doctor appropriately, one can have a safe delivery.

Villus sampling is another type of test that is conducted to find out abnormalities, if any that is present in the baby.

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