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My secret inner sanctimommy disapproves of people who haveDVD players in their cars and turn them on for every trip, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Are you a new mom and need a good laugh? Chat and share with moms and moms-to-be who totally understand. Pregnancy cravings differ from regular cravings in the sense that it’s about a million times stronger. Chocolate — or any sweet, for that matter — is something pregnant women can’t get enough of. Spicy foods, such as curry or hot red peppers, are yet another common craving among pregnant women. It’s not unheard of to see a pregnant woman eating a straight lemon or adding a ton of it to their water. If you’ve experienced or are experiencing morning sickness, then a fizzy, carbonated soda might be just what you need. Even though some doctors say it’s a no-no, coffee is commonly craved by pregnant women, especially those who drank it before conceiving. Some women crave healthier foods like leafy green veggies, legumes and whole grains that provide the body with tons of essential nutrients, including magnesium and fiber. Brand New Interiors for Children of All Ages My Baba 7 June, 2016 How to Make Minion TP Rolls with the Kids Nanny Anita 7 June, 2016 Daddy or Chips? Here are the things real parents admitted they freak out about (as long as they could do so anonymously).

Though some women reportedly crave chalk, fortunately that’s not one of the top 20 cravings pregnant women face.
You wake up with a burning desire for a Chipotle burrito or an ice-cold root beer and will go out of your way to satisfy it. This could be because chocolate makes you happy, and since there’s no drinking for pregnant women, chocolate is literally the next best thing. Interestingly enough, it’s because hot foods make the body sweat, which cools off the body. Again, you could be low in sodium, but more than likely you’re just desiring something salty and crunchy, and potato chips are what comes to mind.
With so many flavors to choose from, a pregnant woman could literally spend hours in the ice cream aisle. Carbonation settles the stomach and may take away that queasy feeling you’ve had all day. This can sometimes be a sign of gestational diabetes, but most of the time it can be chalked up to hormonal changes that affect your scent and taste perception. If you keep your parenting judgment to yourself or to a few trusted friends over a glass of wine, you are a normal parent—especially if you can admit that it’s more than likely you are the target of judgment. You’ll drive miles upon miles to meet the craving, and have no shame in waking your husband up in the middle of the night to go buy and cook you bacon. Those with anemia are more likely to be seen chewing on ice, since it can relieve inflammation of the mouth and tongue (a common symptom of anemia).

You (and your body) want a healthy baby, so sometimes it needs extra healthy foods to make sure that happens. Try eating fruit or having a glass of freshly squeezed juice to satisfy your craving — or just stick to one small piece of candy a day. During the chat one reader asked for advice on how to approach the subject of sex and healthy relationships with her 9-year-old daughter. However, take your judgment to Facebook or a blog post and talk about how very sad it makes you when a child doesn’t eat homemade food or is placed in daycare, and congratulations, you are the the kind of sanctimommy that entire books and websites have been created to mock. Fruits, such as watermelons and grapes, are cool and refreshing, all while providing your body and baby with a boost of vitamin C. I'm sure when you were a teen you had thoughts of having sexual intercourse without a condom or any form of protection!
I know this girl that went to my school (she graduated) the very first time she had sex, she got pregnant.
I was on welfare, going to school, supporting my daughter, and because of federal and state funded programs such as teen parenting classes and community resources I became a success.

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