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I can’t believe that today I am 7 months pregnant, it only seems like last week I was writing about my 6 months of pregnancy! I am pleased to say my baby bump is coming along, my waist line is growing on an average of half an inch a week, and I have at last put a bit more weight on. We’ve had another scan at 29 weeks and the baby is grown fine, all the measurements are as they should be which was a big relief, especially when I wasn’t putting any weight on myself. In terms of getting stuff done, my maternity cover is now arranged and my new assistant has started so I can go off for the planned 3 months safe in the knowledge that my work is being looked after!
We had our 2nd Hypnobirthing class and I am now convinced that I can have the pain free birth that it teaches you to have. After this we went a bit wild and bought quite a few bits.  We had already bought the nursery furniture, so we then got all the nursery accessories, bedding, grow bags, mobile, changing mat etc. I have to say my back is killing, Poor Nik is instructed each night to give me a back massage it is aching so much.
I have to say though that the backache and the rib crushing is the only down side, the rest of it has all been amazing.
I am 32 weeks pregnant – also suffering with awful rib crushing and back pain but loving every moment!! We reserve the right to remove any comment that we feel is distasteful, rude, hurtful or inappropriate, so please be nice.
Chairwoman of the RCOG's Patient Information Committee, Philippa Marsden, said: 'For women planning a family, it is advisable not to drink during this time.
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When you become 7 months pregnant, you should know that you have reached the final trimester of your pregnancy.
For sure there are a lot of different feelings that you have, some of them similar to the ones you felt when you found out that you are expecting.
Although they seem to be cute at the beginning, they could get annoying during the night in case he or she doesn’t let you sleep. Make sure that you aren’t staying in a stressful environment during the 7th month of pregnancy, because it has been proved that the mothers who are under a lot of stress have smaller fetuses than the ones who are relaxed during their pregnancy. Since you are carrying a lot of extra weight, it is just natural that you will experience 7 months pregnant symptoms such as pains and aches in your back, legs, pelvic area and even in the abdomen. In case there are the feelings that you experience during this month, there is nothing to be worried about. When you are 7 months pregnant you can expect your skin to stretch even more to make some space for the little one.
For sure you are already past the period when your breasts are tender, but still they will be looking full for a long time. When you reach seventh month of pregnancy it is possible that you wake up one morning soaking wet.
During this month the baby goes on growing, and so the uterus will push your stomach towards your esophagus.
These are considered to be practice contractions that you start having when you are seven months pregnant and that prepare your uterus for delivery.

It’s not only the looks of the little one that resemble a real baby, but also his or her actions. This is the time when the little one develops a sleep schedule, and at the beginning it is normal for it to be erratic.
During seven month pregnancy, the majority of expecting women are already preparing for childbirth, and the majority of the responsibilities are related to the big event.
Have light naps during the day to make sure that you have enough energy for your daily activities. Drink a lot of water during the day, of about 1.5 liters to make sure that your tissues are correctly drained. Apply for a maternity leave in case you are working, because you will get tired too soon to go on with your work when you are 7 months pregnant. It’s amazing to pay a visit this web page and reading the views of all mates concerning this paragraph, while I am also eager of getting experience. For a super organised person like me the baby spreadsheet keeps calling to me, with some of the jobs for February and March still left to do, let alone starting on Aprils jobs! I went 4 weeks and only gained a pound, which sounds great but I have to say I was a tad worried.
I also had to see my two consultants and it seems that my blood levels are all OK no need for a transfusion this month.
I will be talking about hypnobirthing on the blog over the next few weeks, but it truly is amazing.
I really have to stay away from the shops otherwise I’d buy them all! Here are a few of my favourite bits we have bought this month and had given to us as presents.
Baby Hood is a right fidget and spends a lot of his time, stretching his feet and arms around. We have bought virtually nothing yet (at almost 27weeks) so I’m starting to think we should get a move on. I am a planner and a born worrier and it was stressing me out not getting stuff, so Nik gave in and we bought as much as we could. Another thing that you could do is to keep a journal that would help you deal with the feelings and the anxiety that you have.
For sure you have felt the kicks of the little one before as well, but they are becoming stronger and stronger.
In case you are faced with them you should take it as a warning to take it slow and to relax a bit. They happen because your heart has a lot more blood to pump, and you may imagine that this puts a strain on it.
The cause of the frequent visits to the toilet is that the fetus is making room for itself in the pelvic area, thus putting pressure on your bladder. Because of this the surface of the skin could start itching, and also this is the cause for which the stretch marks appear.
Also the veins of the breasts will become more visible, and the nipples and the areolas will get a darker color. This might be caused by the increased leaking of colostrum, which will be the first thing that the baby feeds on.

Because of this you will be able to eat less than normal, so it is understandable that you will feel hunger more often that you usually do. Fatigue is caused by the extra weight that you carry and by the fact that you can’t sleep well at night. This way you can strengthen the muscles that you are going to use during childbirth and they could also strengthen the bladder muscles to control the incontinence. Feng Jianmei, a 7-month pregnant woman was forced to have an abortion in West China's Shanxi Province in early June as she couldn't pay the fine for having a second child, BBC quoted US-based acticists as saying. Our little man is going to be here before we know it…well that’s what everyone keeps saying to us! We are still hoping that we will be lucky enough to have another baby once this little man has been born but with the problems we had conceiving this one, I guess nothing is ever certain. Anyway I weighed myself this week and I have gained another 3 pounds taking my total weight gain up to a stone, so I feel I am more on track. I am back to see them in a couple of weeks, then we have our last scan booked in for 2nd June (Nik’s birthday) 2 weeks before baby Hood is due. Through deep relaxation and breathing many women have had pain free stress-free births; I just need to spend the next few weeks practicing the right techniques to get through the delivery!
We still have quite a few other bits to get but we have researched them all and know where to find them. Nik seems surprised every day at how much I am taking to it, fingers crossed that motherhood suits me just as well!
Then the last month we are planning on chilling out, staying close to home in case he comes early and really trying to relax before he arrives!
There is nothing to be worried about, but still it could be a good idea to relax a bit before you go on with your activities. The hearing of the little one is perfect by this time, and he or she is able to hear the sounds from outside.
Feng gave birth to a girl in 2007 and was not allowed to have a second baby under China's "One-Baby"policy while in the country's some other regions women can have give birth to a second child if they can afford to pay a fine which varies from place to place. He is now facing downwards so his feet are right in my ribs, and he often gives me a good whack. This is why he or she might have a reaction to the familiar voices or sounds, and could even start moving to the beat of music. However I know I still have 2 months to go and I’m pretty sure I’m going to balloon out in the next 8 weeks!
This happens after certain foods, when I’m sitting in a certain positions, and as much as it can sometimes be uncomfortable I just love it! I’m not really denying myself anything so I’m really hoping breast feeding does the trick at shedding the pounds!

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