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This way of thinking is so well established that even women themselves are starting to fall for the same way of thinking.
One of my friends weighs over 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and there are very few car seats in which he feels comfortable, or that don't squeeze him or poke his ribs.
Engulfed in a variety of stereotypes and marketing rules we forget the fact that the streets have almost the same width everywhere in the world, parking spaces are quasi-identical anywhere you go and we have pretty much the same body shape no matter the meridian we're on.
It makes me sad to see that not all people are expressing themselves freely when talking about the car which enters our seeing path and our dreams. Stereotypes only shorten or even shut off our communication channels, common sense, free will and even our personalities. Thank you for broaching the subject, but in my humble opinion you could have done us gear-head women, your sisters, a better form of justice. It'd be nice to get just the smallest bit of consideration once in a while, especially by one of our own.
So I must be the worst of the worst then, I ride a sports bike with a loud exhaust and do so because I love it but is that a man's thing or just personal choice.

My girlfriend bought me the exhaust - she used to drive a 360bhp Mitsubishi GTO (with a BIG exhaust) and I was taken through my bike license by a lady instructor who was absolutely fantastic. She feels the need to talk about the upholstery while he says it has to be silver, for example. He was very excited about his new toy especially since it drew so much attention among his pals. We should do it with humor and without prejudice, not like a defense lawyer or a prosecutor. I think it's rubbish you trying to place people in slots - you like what you like, simple.
Here’s what Happened to Most of Them KBB Reveals 12 Best Family Cars of 2014 ListJimmy Choo vs.
His wife was worried that her husband might also turn the heads of other women at the traffic light.
A Jeep is only fit for the mountains, a convertible for the Californian Coast while a smart for the crowded city we live in.

I say that we move on from the stereotypes, start enjoying beauty anywhere we find it and realize that we can talk about the downsides of a car without bringing sex into the equation.
So, a crossover, sedan or hatchback is feminine cars while SUVs, UVs, sport cars are masculine. And Smart cars are for crowded places because they're SMALL, you can easily squeeze your way in traffic.
Please remember reality doesn't dawn in a day, it take centuries to ascertain a thing is right or wrong.

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