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Since we do not test for any bacteria, glucose or proteins in the sample, there is no need to have a sterile bottle and there is no need to freeze or store the sample in refrigerator.
If you have irregular periods, only then you need to ovulation tests and sample is collected when ovulation test is positive or you may call 313 574 7500 to discuss.
If you are taking some medicines, it would be better to take them after collecting the sample. By shipping your urine samples, you agree to all the terms and conditions shown under order form which also acts as consent form from you.
Chinese Birth Chart is a prodigy of the ancient Chinese wisdom that has its own myths and superstition. For gender prediction, simply follow across and down to locate the box where the lunar age and month of conception intersect! The Chinese tool enables the expectant mothers to guess the baby’s sex after conception and even predetermine its gender before conception.
Through the simple and easy navigation, the Chart has been popularized with numerous versions.
Previously, upon receipt of order, we used to ship a package to customer containing bottles and a prepaid UPS or Fedex courier. We offer them six preconception and one post-conception test at 20% discount for a total fee of $1160.00. We have seen that the samples get better for our purposes when stored at room temperature, hence no need to ship it by overnight mail. Enclose a money order for USD 410.00 in a separate ziploc bag so that it does not get contaminated with sample in case there is a leak.
If the package is being shipped from outside USA you will need to fill a customs form (available from courier’s office). Derived from wisdom of the past generation, the ancient tool is considered as the home remedy to release mother’s curiosity about the gender of the unborn kids.

Hence, many moms concur that it is the perfect example for baby gender prediction methods out there.
Believe it or not, the current medical studies do agree that the baby’s sex is really selected by the female. To get this discount, the whole amount should be paid in full at the time of shipping the first set of PreGender Preconception samples. You can collect urine samples at your own convenience and ship it through local post office, UPS or Fedex at your expense. For the purpose of this test, the first day of full flow is considered first day of menstrual cycle.
Certain personal circumstances, fever or medical conditions and medications can adversely affect the performance of these tests. Prior to the delivery date, sex of the unborn kids is addressed to know ahead if you have a boy or girl. For instance, if a 24-year-old woman conceives in January, March, or April, her baby will be a BOY.
Then, select the advantageous months correspondently to the B-indicated box (BOY) or G-indicated box (GIRL). As a result, there are a countless number of Charts online; while some are decorated with colors, others are illustrated by letters. Anyway, please note that the accurate Chinese Gender Calendar must work on the basis of the two ingredients: mother’s lunar age and month of conception!
We have observed that registered or express mail service from your local post office is better than other couriers because they deliver late and put the blame on weather or customs. We need approximately 1 teaspoonful (about 5ml) of sample anytime you go to bathroom after this. These include menopausal symptoms, impaired liver or kidney function, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and treatments that might affect your cycle e.g.

In addition to the function of predicting kid’s gender, the ancient Birth Chart is also utilized as the excellent preconception tool. After that, plan for the baby-making sex at the months that are best suited to conceive a boy or girl. Whatever version that you’re fond of, it is advised to read the qualified Charts that are NOT puzzling, motley, and miscellaneous! We are doing it because we observed that for our purposes the sample must age for at least two days at room temperature without any preservative (Patented).
Even though there are only 2 options: Boy and Girl, the Chart is never consulted with 100% accuracy. Theoretically, women of the same age that get conceived in the same months have a tendency to give birth to babies of the similar gender. For example, the 25-year-old women that desire to have a boy are advised to conceive during the months of February, March, June, August, September, October, November, and December.
Also keeping urine samples for long time at room temperature eliminates many interfering compounds and materials like glucose and bacteria. Couples with medically diagnosed fertility problems should consult their physician before using this service.
Therefore customers are advised not to think that the sample will be spoiled without preservative. Write your name and date of collection on it and store at room temperature till next month.

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