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Come along to an open forum, run by Anne Howard, to answer your questions on anything related to Preconception Care, Natural Fertility and Naturopathic IVF Support. Anne has over 12 years’ experience in Naturopathy in both clinical practice and education and currently holds the academic position of Senior Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Located in Camberwell, The Health & Wellbeing Studio takes a holistic view of health and is dedicated to helping clients boost their health, vitality and wellness.
Primarily specializing in Naturopathy and Massage, the Health and Wellbeing Studio emphasizes preventative medicine and encourages healthy lifestyles through emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I heard about Gill’s classes from a friend of mine and right from the start I was excited to find an art class so unique. In their time with her they learnt to trust in their creative ability to express themselves. We would like to thank Gill for the special memories and the skills that our children have been given during their time with her. Gill was gentle, professional and presented herself in a way that I felt I could tell her things without being judged.
Women' health cdc, Cdc women's health information tips and research from the centers for disease control and prevention. Excessive alcohol risks women’ health cdc, Excessive alcohol use and risks to women’s health. Sure, you've got the basics of baby making down pat, but you can speed up the preconception process if you get smart about your fertility.
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Completing a Master of Reproductive Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Anne specialises in women’s health focusing on natural fertility and IVF support. The ultimate goal is to educate and guide clients to achieve strong and lasting overall health and wellbeing.
Both my children look forward to joining their friends to create something amazing with Gill. For me the combination of art technique, and meditation sounded like something I wanted my children to experience in our busy and hectic lives.
Reading about Gill and her classes expressed in their own words is both touching and beautiful. Gill helped them to see their own work as unique and beautiful especially as it comes from them. Gill began every session by asking me what I wanted to discuss or wanted to achieve - Our hour long session took me to places I never imagined and Gill offered me guidance, support and wisdom. This once off event gives you the opportunity to ask Anne questions on how Naturopathy can support your fertility. I love being able to snuggle up underneath the warm blanket and listen to those words of wisdom that Gill says, and the way that she can make them so alive in my mind.

Gill taught me about the power of visualization and giving thanks to what I have rather than pondering on what I don't have. My daughter's 1st class was when she just turned 4 and to be honest I couldn't believe she had created the unicorn on the page when I saw it! As a parent we all hope our children have experiences that enrich them in new ways and bring them joy. Over the 6 years we have been coming, they would look forward to the holidays when we could find a day to book in to come.  It was always a joy to pick them up, excited and proud to show me what treasure they have drawn this visit.
I have been doing it for nearly six years and have enough pictures to cover my whole bedroom wall.  At Gills classes it feels magical.
Gill has a wonderful way of encouraging each child to tap into their creative side, gently guiding them and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves! I love when we’re drawing the animals that we are free to draw them whatever colours we like. The technique Gill uses with the oil pastels is amazing, I stand up and look at my picture and the end of each class and think to myself, how do we make these drawings look so beautiful, how did Gill come up with these.

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