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This woman had a yeast infection (a candidiasis overgrowth) visible as a thick white cottage cheese-like discharge.   Yeast overgrowths are particularly common in pregnancy. It is a little tricky to see the os in this photo, but it is located on the line of the shadow at the source of the white leukorrhea flow. WONDERFUL PICS INDEED I HAVE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT THIS DISCHARGE IN PREGNANT WOMEN.EVERY PREGNANT WOMAN COME COMPLAINING OF DISCHARGE. Made out of premium organic cotton and microfiber, provides comfort and support for your belly with utmost elegance and adds style and pizzazz to your wardrobe and supports the active mom-to-be A user-friendly alternative to a maternity belt, this band provides extra belly and lower back support. This are all awesome, i thought the cervix is wide opening just as the vaginal opening, never know it looks thus.

I am so pleased to see that this cervix is also producing a lot of leukorrhea around 20 weeks.
I was researching and trying to learn on how to check you own cervix to see if it’s dilating. This new maternity Belly Band not only makes clothing fit better, but it also aids in safe exercise by properly supporting the belly.
But the discharge thing help so much to actually see how much it increases when your pregnant I thought mine was abnormal but it wasn’t at all. Made from ultra-soft microfiber fabrics woven with seamless technology the pieces stretch in all directions providing an exceptional fit for any active lifestyle.

The construction and design of this belly band is to ensure optimal comfort and to allow moms-to-be to continue a fit and beautiful lifestyle throughout their pregnancy. A woman's pregnant body needs customized support which starts with the right foundation pieces.100% natural organic cotton for extreme softness.

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