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Our Smilefile kits and memory boxes are the ultimate gift to give any parents or soon-to-be parents. Take an inkless colour impression of your child’s hand andfootprint using our magic, non-toxic, inkless wipes and specialcoated paper.
Our A3 Inspirational Print Range adds a splash of colourand joy to any room, including lifestyle, children's, mother,father, grandparents and family prints. I love my Smilefile it is such a great idea and helps you keep all of your precious memories in one place without getting damaged or lost.

Composting is a great thing to introduce to your household: It provides many environmental benefits, is great for your gardens and is a wonderful educational experience for the kids. White outer polypropylene memory box and orange polypropylene folder along with all the required additions to preserve those precious memories.
Minimum quantity for "Pregnancy to Pre-school Kit + Pre-school to Yr 12 Kit + A2 Artwork Case" is 1. I love showing off my Smilefile so much that other family members have purchased them for their children also.

You can buy compost bins from hardware stores, however a good school holiday project may be to build your own. I would recommend this product to anyone even people with grown children that have all of their memories stored all over the place.

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