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After 4 years, 1 month and 17 days of trying, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm expecting our third child in March. I also wanted to be cautiously optimistic until I was certain that things were developing normally. This is also why we also didn't tell our children until about 8 weeks, when my morning sickness became too severe to write off as the flu. The first 3 months were a nonstop blur of vomiting, broken capillaries in my face and constant nausea when I wasn't vomiting.
I've rarely been sick in all the years we've been married, so this was quite a new experience for us.
Despite this rough start, I'm still thrilled to be expecting and it has been worth every moment with my head in a bucket to date. I thought it might be useful to compare and contrast my previous pregnancies, so here's a run-down of the most significant differences to date.
I never came close to passing out before, and was utterly shocked to wake up on the floor when it happened. While I typically start to experience Braxton-Hicks around 16 weeks, this time they were noticeable starting at 14 weeks. With my first, I felt fetal movement around 14 weeks and by 17 weeks, my husband could watch her moving inside my abdomen. This time, I first felt fetal movement around 13.5 weeks, but at this time it's still mainly little pokes and prods. The first midwife I contacted was unable to accept due to a scheduled vacation right when I was due, with clients both before and after. Thus, I was down to a single option - if she couldn't take me, then I would have to search for an underground CPM (my state has a very hostile climate toward homebirth, with or without a CNM in attendance) within range who could attend me. How exciting for you and finding a midwife able to accept you too!I just found your main site looking up lightening. I saw the line within the time frame but then sat down for dinner and took the picture about 15-20 minutes later. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Today we called Daryls family and shared the exciting news and we broke the news to my family over Sunday dinner. We were really busy at the beginning of this week and didn't snap a picture of my belly but it really doesn't look any different from week 15. MariaJune 21, 2012 at 12:13 PMThis is so exciting; I love being able to see your thoughts like little journal entries! Wait - is this a pic from a year ago, did you hold onto a year old pee test, or are you pregnant again? Should we use laxatives to help our preschooler, who's constipated, be more comfortable with potty training? Instead of pointing out the mistake and correcting it, model good grammar by repeating the sentence back using the proper verb tense. We prayed long and hard about it, attended the temple, fasted, and counted back nine months and figured out the earliest we could conceive and still be able to finish the next school year just fine. Plus, every child is different, and you don’t get to choose the personality and temperament of your child like you did when you chose your spouse. But, there is one great thing about pregnancy tests that indicate you will be having another baby – they are positive.

Because being a mother is the greatest calling I have been given, the greatest mission of my life.
So, despite all the hard realities of parenting, all the expenses, all the stress, heartache, and long nights, pregnancy and motherhood are the great positives of my life.
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Sarah Brandt is a 30-something, busy, single mother by choice who welcomed the birth of the boy, boy, girl triplets in January 2011.
This time around, I wasn't able to keep much of anything down for the first 12 weeks and even passed out on occasion (not a great experience). Congrats on your little miracle!!!I agree with others- wondering if you're having twins?!
I'm just a couple weeks away from giving birth to my second (midwived homebirth!)I hope all progresses fantastically for you. I realize that you won't deliver in time for our contest but I invite you to share your previous birth stories with us.
I have kind of a weird cycle its anywhere from 28-31 days so i should be starting any day now if im not pregnant. I went to the target pharmacy to go buy our birth control when I had a strong feeling to take a pregnancy test. I will still post 2-3 outfits a week throughout my pregnancy and will do my weekly pregnancy updates on Mondays. My husband and I were married for eight months when he convinced me that we should pull the goalie and try to have a baby. We took a giant leap of faith and stopped using birth control and started trying to have a baby.
I go through a bit of denial every time, questioning that I really am pregnant, though completely aware that it is indeed the truth. No matter when conceived, where, with who, or under whichever difficult circumstances, every child is a gift, a blessing, a positive. We choose to believe that a(nother) child will bless our lives and not condemn it, or burden it, or limit it. I hope you found posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, home, health, children, and spouse. Deciding when to have kids is such a big decision, and it is between you, your husband, and the Lord. My sister and daughter both got pregnant while using birth control, so God obviously had a plan they were not aware of. It started to ease off after about 13 weeks and now it's down to daily nausea, but no vomiting. I had horrid morning sickness with my first but once that went away the rest of my pregnancy was fantastic. It came out positive and we know that we're at least 4 weeks along based on my morning sickness. Now that we've told both sides of the family we want to set an appoitment so we can find out how far along we are.
I didn't want to share the inside of the card since it is so sweet and personal but all I can say right now is that I love this boy so much.

And our faith has been vindicated as our children have only expanded our love and our happiness. Second, if we all waited until we were financially secure and all the stars were aligned to have a baby, humans would go extinct in a hurry. I still have to be careful about what I eat, drink and smell, but it's completely manageable at this point. This is an exiting time and having your baby at home can be such a different experience than giving birth in the non-personal setting of a hospital.
We also got to spend the day at my parents and they gave me a pre-mothers day present as well.
I have the best family in the world and I couldn't have imagined a better mother's day then spending it with those I love most.
From what this pregnancy will be like, to whether or not I will miscarry, to how the birth will go, and to how another child will affect our family. What if they are the complete opposite personality of yourself and you’ll be left not knowing, at all, how best to parent them. Had we waited an extra month or two before trying, chances are we would not have conceived our fraternal twins daughters. Our daughter came a lot faster than our son, and she was exactly what our families needed because one month after we found out, my father-in-law passed away. I then had a very special moment with Daryl that I will never forget and a feeling of peace overcome me as we sat down together and soaked it all in. We've decided we're going to wait a little bit longer before announcing the exciting news to everyone. I wonder if I will be able to love another child like my other children and if my older children will love a new sibling?
And despite all the extra stress, worry, and difficulties that came and come with raising twins, they are two amazing individuals that we could not imagine our life without.
I would not trade having my children, when we did, for all the money in the world, for a house, more degrees, better cars, or world travel.
There have been times I regretted having them when we did, but with time I have seen that it’s been a blessing, despite how hard some things were because we did. Where will the new baby fit in the car and in the house and how will be able to afford all the diapers? Because, parenthood and family is the great purpose of my life, not things or wealth or experiences. And how would I handle being pregnant and still go to¬†school full-time and do¬†marching band? Will we really be able to handle, one, two, three, four, or more children mentally and emotionally? Sending lots of love and luck your way :) XXXReplyDeletekendalJune 21, 2012 at 1:57 PMthis was adorable, congrats on your up coming babe!!!

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