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CPT Worldwide doesn’t just sell pregnancy tests either!  You can get basal thermometers, books, fertility tests, and much more!
I would love to win as I have also had two back to back MC in the last 6 months and I would love to see a positive test soon. Even though I stock up on mine at the dollar store, I’d be nice not to be looked at like I’m crazy!!
It is true that we are getting more traffic, but there are also some issues that our web host is trying to fix. I would love to win these, as my husband has finally decided to leave the way open for the Lord to bless us with more children, if it should be in His plan. These would be a HUGE blessing as we are waiting post VR and post international adoption for the POSITIVE result.

With suffering from pcos we never quite know if I am late because of pcos symptoms or because I am pregnant.
I want to win a pregnancy test because we are ready to have another baby, and having Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) makes it that much more pins and needles-ish knowing that once it hits, it’s going to be a difficult few months to say the least. I just told my sister in law that I need to go purchase a pregnancy test cause I feel like I might be pregnant:) I PRAY I WIN!! Like you, just went through 2 miscarriages back to back, and am trusting the Lord for our family size. With early detection so vital in me being able to carry a baby and not lose it, we buy quite a few tests (multiple a month) so this would be a huge blessing.
We work with people who have really no character moorings, haven’t been taught much, just do what feels good at the moment.

I am 23 with 3 and love every moment, even the hard times ?? Although I just had a baby 3 months ago and see that a lot of women here need these more than I do, I feel a lot better about my decision to be open to life. We miscarried at 12 weeks about 2 months ago and I wasn’t sure when the Lord would bless us again, but perhaps it will be soon!

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