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Taking good care of your oral hygiene is a very significant thing to do in order to be able to maintain excellent health overall. The source of mouth and facial pain may be attributed to gum infection which can also lead to the loss of teeth. If you have problems with your mouth, often it will lead to the failure of the intestines, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
The Dental Health Foundation has warned that poor oral hygiene could cause the respiratory infection after research found a link between bacteria in the mouth and the lung disease. As discussed elsewhere on this website, a majority of the adult population have some form of gum disease. Diagnosed and treated early with effectively with a large choice of products and services (Perio Protect, Perio Lase, PerioWave, PerioChip, Arestin, etc), mild cases of gum disease (gingivitis) can be successfully managed. A variety of interventions, nonetheless, can be performed in many cases where infected hard and soft tissues are removed and treated with different types of grafting products. Watch two different videos showing successful periodontitis treatments that involved multiple extractions yet did not force patients to be toothless during healing. The pictures below reflect varying degrees of advanced perio disease, associated with numerous other treatment needs. See the photo below to get an interior view of the mandible (lower jaw) to an understanding how how extreme accumulations can become.
While these extreme accumulations strikingly show how devastating gum disease can be, it also shows how gum disease favors live tissue structures over areas that have been partially restored with man made products. Adult gum disease, when untreated for too long, can cause extreme losses of gum tissue and underlying bone. Treatment options can include multiple extractions, socket grafts, multiple implant surgeries, mini implants, hybrid implants, acrylic vs porcelain teeth, teeth-in-one-day, locator attachments (for removable prosthetics) and fixed bridge tooth replacements. Untreated orthodontic issues and adult onset periodontal disease have caused a situation where unwanted teeth movement continues, along with bone loss and gum loss. Although not a case of rampant, severe gum disease, this photo represents what can happen when crowned teeth are not "looked after" properly or on a timely basis. Restoration or reconstructive possibilities can include implant reconstruction, custom bridgework, selective gum grafting procedures, crown replacements, removable prosthetics and denture partials. Accumulation of bacteria, debris, calculus and tartar can accelerate when patients don't respond to advanced levels of the early stages of gum disease.
Extractions would be required, along with treatment to arrest the disease process and restabilize overall oral health.
This patient could probably be a good candidate for chin block or ramus block grafting to fill in the anterior portion of the mandible. There is however a good chunk of bone in the front (anterior) area that can be used well but will now REQUIRE some type of implant solution to keep prosthetic teeth in place and will increase treatment costs substantially.

A good view of how ugly the accumulation of calculus and plaque can become along with all of the byproducts of advanced gum disease.
Restorative (actually reconstructive) treatments could include selective bone augmentation (chin block, ramus, pulverized bone matrix, ridge splitting), selective placement of implants, choice of fixed bridge or removable denture prosthetics. Treatment options would include extractions of teeth with all degrees of periodontitis or resorption, bone grafting (chin block, ramus, pulverized bone matrix),, traditional implants, mini implants, fixed bridge, denture and partial products, teeth in an hour.
Treatment to effectively manage the disease state will require several extractions, or perhaps more.
Significant untreated tooth decay both under failed restorations and at gum lines requiring non surgical gum treatment. History of untreated gum disease, gum recession, bone loss, tooth abrasion, tooth erosion, black Lines at the gums from old style porcelain crowns done with cheap metal that oxidizes.
Gum Disease with calculus stuck to the lower front teeth, bone loss, tooth drifting and rotating or moving, supereruption of lower front teeth, bad bite, poor occlusion, old amalgam fillings decaying, the upper two front teeth are removable, they can just flip out obviously called a "flipper". Teeth flaring caused by gum disease and bone loss, tongue thrusting is pushing the teeth forward which causes the spaces to open wider and wider. Gum disease,excessive tooth extractions, poor oral hygiene, malocclusion, bone deterioration, bone loss, collapsed bite. Gum disease, poor oral health habits, food preferences, long term avoidance of routine dental care, tooth chipping, breakage, collapsing bite. Treatment recommendations could include treatment for halting active disease process, multiple extractions, bone grafting, dentures, partials, implant supported prosthetics, mini implant supported dentures, multiple individual implants.
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It also provides information for how to take care of your teeth to avoid teeth problems in the future. According the Office of the Surgeon General, gingivitis and other gum ailments affect over 75% of the American population. Bacterial endocarditis (a condition that has a severe effect on people with an existing illness related to the heart), for example, can inflame the heart and its valves. Digestion starts with the mouth, so it’s best to uphold a good oral health routine in order to ensure the function of the rest of your digestive system.
World Dental is convenient and easily accessible for the Thornhill and North York community. Temporary implants and prosthetic products can be integrated into treatment that enables patients to NOT be without teeth during healing. This middle aged adult is now at the point where treatment is necessary to normalize bite dynamics and to restore teeth positioning that eliminates lateral (sideways) forces on both arches of teeth.
Long term accumulation of gum recession effects and bone loss can destroy the cosmetic and functional goals that were, at one time, an intelligent use of restorative procedures.
A BioLase laser was used in conjunction with ultrasonic periodontal instruments to begin the clean up and removal of all accumulations and diseased tissue.

Tooth replacement options might include selective bone grafts (chin block, ramus, pulverized bone matrix, ridge splitting), selective placement of implants, choice of fixed bridge or removable denture prosthetics. The extent of concentrated bone loss is reflected in how well we can see the patient's tongue.
Once healed prospects would be good for more choices of tooth replacement treatments that could go beyond common denture products. Up to the point of where the patient actively consults with a dentist for treatment, it is an understatement that denial is a powerful force. This patient has orthodontic issues, bone loss issues, super eruption, gum loss and bone loss.
Bone grafts may be an option (synthetic, chin block graft, ramus, cadaver based, etc) along with tissue grafting.
Bad Bite, deep overbite, rotated teeth, porcelain crowns that do not match in color or size, dentistry done in segments rather than one organized procedure. Today's advanced technologies provide several different methods of tooth replacement which, in many cases, can be achieved in one treatment session. By the time the lower teeth fall out or are extracted, there won't be much bone there to work with.
Choices for tooth replacement with reasonable function and cosmetics might include selective bone grafts (chin block, ramus, pulverized bone matrix), selective placement of implants, choice of fixed bridge or removable denture prosthetics.
Choices for tooth replacement with reasonable function and cosmetics might include selective bone grafts (chin block, ramus, pulverized bone matrix), selective placement of implants or mini implants (if possible, after grafting), choice of fixed bridge, denture prosthetics.
For many adults the process can take years to accumulate, causing changes in dentition and bite almost unnoticeably until one day it is significantly apparent.
Depending on the amount and location of sound bone mass and density, a variety of different implant solutions may permit the fitting of a fixed bridge or denture prosthesis.
The amount of bone and soft tissue damange won't be fully realized until everything is removed. Flared teeth, excessive Diastemas, disturbed occlusion, supererupted teeth that shift into bad bite areas of the upper jaw.
Extractions of unsalvagable teeth will also be required to eradicate active areas of infection.Restorative and reconstructive procedures may include implants, crowns, dentures, partials, bridgework or implant supported prosthetics. It is amazing that this patient hasn't had MORE significant tissue damage and loss of teeth over the years. There was so much internal decay to the tooth structure that root canals, crown build-ups and posts were necessary before the porcelain crowns could be placed.

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