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The chances are that if you are trying to conceive for more than six months  and nothing is happening, frustration will bound to enter into your life. Frustration may push you to go for your obstetrician and your ob as usual do an examination and blood work. Before you go any further first you need to know how the ovulation takes place in your body. Since you have seen the natural ovulation process you may be realized that the follicles in your ovary not releasing an egg. Strengthen immunity system: Improper nutrition and toxin buildup in your body weakens your immunity system. Eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body: knowingly or unknowingly you are adding toxins and chemicals in your body through your foods. Lead stress free life: calm down your emotional issues and embrace a new lifestyle of happiness and joy.
In short, your body is not yet ready for ovulation and fertility.Your body is not nourished properly and it is ridden with chemicals and toxins.
This understanding and simple lifestyle changes will restore the ovulation process and fertility happens naturally. Here are the ways to pin down when it’s happening, from the simplest to the most accurate.
A more accurate way to figure out when you ovulate is to track the patterns in your body temperature and your vaginal discharge for a cycle or two.

If you pay attention to these cues and jot them down each day, you may start to see a pattern that can help you predict when you’ll ovulate next.
You won’t feel the change, but a few days after you ovulate, your basal body temperature rises. The discharge you’ll be tracking is cervical mucus, which changes substantially during your cycle. The Chinese believe that the liver is directly responsible for ovulation since it also handles blood filtration, blood flow and the metabolism of hormones throughout the body. The fact is, if the liver and gallbladder are not functioning properly or become blocked, the hormone releases related to reproduction could be impeded. If the liver is malfunctioning, the uterus will in turn a hostile place for a fertilized egg, causing an implantation failure or even a miscarriage.
So what you need is a holistic system that restores your liver and gallbladder functioning that in turn normalizes your reproductive system.
I am sure your ob will tell you that you’re not ovulating and advise you to go for fertility clinic.
You have to understand that fertility is a natural process and if you are wise enough you try to understand what is going wrong within your body and address the problem without medical intervention. The reason for follicles not maturing into egg is mainly because of progesterone is not being produced. So it is not the time for getting frustrated and feeling stressful as it aggravates the condition even further.

So, taking proper nutritious foods and natural cleansing of your body will improve your immunity system. If you want full clarity as to how to reverse the situation you can try ovarian cysts miracle.
Unfortunately, with irregular periods, particularly those that are longer, you will probably have to do more testing month to month. One is going to the fertility clinic and the other one is charting your own path of getting pregnant, if you don’t like going to the fertility clinic.
In fact it is the time for taking the situation under your control by taking corrective measures.
So all that is required to get back to the healthy body is taking care of your body and make it ready for ovulation and fertility. Reproduction in whole or part is strictly prohibited without written consent of copyright owner.
Whether you look for patterns on the calendar or not, the information will be helpful for a fertility specialist if you find yourself encountering problems when trying to conceive.

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