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Remember on Friends when Monica and Chandler left Phoebe's birthday dinner to go have some "time alone" because it was high-time in her ovulation cycle?
Along with a healthy lifestyle and one of these ovulation calendars, you can easily find your fertile window and plan a baby-making session with your partner.
Planning a pregnancy takes a lot of work and some very exact measurements, but with the help of an accurate and easy-to-use online ovulation calculator, women who are trying to conceive can figure out the best days to make a baby.

You can use online tools as said or simply write down in your agenda these days, on a monthly basis, and try to identify the pattern they follow.Based on that chart you can then approximate your next ovulation quite precisely and can schedule your intimate contacts so that when the egg is released, only the male sperm cells are inside your reproductive tract. In fact, there are numerous tricks to conceive a boy, one of them referring to coffee intake.Scientists have shown that adding one extra cup of coffee to your daily routine can increase the chances of having a male baby, especially if the beverage is served before having intercourse.
This fruit improves the sperm count and quality of sperm, helping the tiny cells travel easier inside the vagina and also making it more likely for your partner to send the cells carrying the Y chromosomes closer to the ovaries and fallopian tubes when ejaculating.This is important as female sperm is larger and more resistant than male sperm, which has the advantage of swimming faster inside the reproductive tract.

So when sperm cells are placed closer to the ovaries, male sperm can reach the ovule before the female cells.How To Get Pregnant With A Boy By Avoiding Junk FoodsOne more tip for those of you interested in increasing your chances of having a male baby naturally, by using only herbs, foods and simple lifestyle changes.

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