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Your health care provider may also track you baby’s heart beat with an electronic fetal monitor. If you are more than one week to 10 days after your due date, it will be better to deliver baby to prevent any complications. If your doctor decides to wait a little bit longer to see if you will go into labor, he may check you twice a week to make sure your baby is doing well.
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He will also use an ultrasound to monitor your baby’s movement or measure the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Your doctor will give you oxytocin, a medication which will make your uterus contract to begin the labor process.  The dosage might be adjusted to regulate the strength and frequency of your contractions. Your caregiver is there for you to rely on when it comes to the concerns and fears you’ve been going through during your pregnancy. However, this number can be off about a week or two especially if you don’t remember the date of your last period.

However, when pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks, it is classified as overdue pregnancy and the baby is considered post term.

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